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[Big Suggestion] Ranked, Casual, and Gamemodes

Hey guys, I’m an avid JWA player. I’ve played the game when it first came out and then after many months I stopped. 3 years later, in 2021, here I am and I’m hooked with this game. It’s been my pastime hobby in my final year of high school and in summer too. I have no plans to abandon this game again. There’s my little introduction.

Now then, the battle system is FUN. I mean like, I could play hours of it on end. It’s the very thing that made this game stand out from the other AR games. JWA is literally more Pokemon than Pokemon GO and I love that. However, I wish we players could have more options about how we battle each other. Some of us are casual players and we don’t always want our PVP experience to always be so competitive. Now, this idea is very ambitious but it’s something that hit me as I was battling today. Why separate PVP battles into 2 spaces.

Ranked and Casual.

Ranked being the standard trophy system we have now.

Casual will be comprised of game modes. This is where I go in-depth, I miss having battles with commons vs commons or rare vs rare. I really miss those simple times. As a level 14 player with many legendaries on their team, I don’t always want to fight legendaries with legendaries. Gamemodes have huge potential to keep this game alive for many more years. Think about it, the class system is put into place, darts are increased from 140 to 350, there are a wide variety of creatures, there is great PVE content daily. You have all these QOL improvements, yet. The battle system is the same it was since the beginning. It must be expanded!

Gamemodes can also involve the community because literally, anyone can think up a fun game mode. Ludia, you can have this active and fun communication with the community.

Here are some examples of some game modes:

Rare Rumble: Literally only rares allowed

Epic Encore: Literally only epics allowed

Common Clash: Literally only commons allowed

Another thing that the Casual playlist could have is level capping dinos. This is just a suggestion of course, mainly because I find level capped battles much more fun than no capped battles. Mainly because at that point it isn’t “Who has a higher level dino” rather it’s a battle of pure skill and wit. (Also boosts could be deactivated)

Here are my finals words, you guys, the community can definitely expand on this idea more than my pea-sized brain can. I feel like this type of change is necessary as there will be players out there that do not want to PVP so competitively all the time. It’s fundamental as like I said before, the PVP experience is very ancient and dated (It’s been like this since release actually).

Ludia, I hope you take my suggestion into deep consideration as I enjoy playing this game so very much and it has brought joy to me and it also brought joy to many of the players here in the community.

Feel free to reply with your game mode brainstorm ideas and feel free to put out your thoughts as I’m curious about what you guys think!