Big team Tournament idea

I’ve been asking for a 12 dino team for ages and it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen. But what about just a tournament instead. Just like normal but dinos are selected from top 16 instead of just 8. Be great to see more variety in arena.

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I’d enjoy that, I think a second arena with teams of 12 would be cool too.

I would like that too, but they should fix the current arena first before adding anything else.

In tournaments there’s usually a very few to pick from within a rarity or two and more or less everyone has the same creatures anyway. Also it would make things way too unpredictable

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No, I don’t want it to be only epics or only rares. I’d like to try out some tier two dinos instead of the same 8 dinos I’ve been running for almost two years. And unpredictable is a good thing that’s the whole reason for the suggestion. How can you not be sick of running the exact same battles over and over? Each to there own I guess.