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Biggest bug ever! Move from lv 37 to 50 in an instant short

Lemme explain!
I was passing the stage 15 of Blistering badlands map, then the bug happened!!

It sent me from Level 37 to 50 in a single shot from its reward. At that moment, i dunno what to do so I tried to get the evidences by passing stage 16 (hopefully the bug would happen again to know what happened) and yeah i got it, i captured live video (cant upload here) btw at least i can posed these screenshot pictures indicating all rewards; most rewards seem bug but the worst is xp reward.

My hypothesis is that You(developers) haven’t expected anyone to be here before so you haven’t check these!! Fix it asap. How can i get fun from now on!?

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Damn… this game keeps getting better and better. First of all, as a mod would probably say - contact support with your key, and, if you really worried about the bug - probably posting it here wasn’t a good idea, as people might try to rune-rush it, if they are anywhere near.

What’s the enemy power there? People here have been posting at least 2200+, though I have yet to see a legitimate video material of people fighting this stuff without endless revives.

For all intents and purposes… if you can beat this content - then this “free XP” is hardly a reason to be concerned. I mean, what will these unlocks give you that you don’t have? Some people dream about the time when they could hatch 4-star dragons, or breed them without spending a day. But if you beat the game to this point - chances are you aren’t really … held back… by these … “game mechanics”.

So… congrats. Might as well call it a reward for your dedication.


wow 3.4Millions EXP. my word. this i believe is from their internal testing phase to get through lv50 in an instant to check if everything is smooth and good. but the thing is they’d forgotten to remove it from the code, and you happens to stumble upon their mistakes.

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I dont need this, i just need the game to be back as normal.

I don’t need this bug to become a high level player or get any benefits becuz i myself want to beat many things by my own way, and that’s why i play this game for very long time.
Ask about my team, i believe i own the team that is the highest BP over every players in this game.

Come on, devs. I sent you ticket and post it already. Take looks and solve please.

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Well sure. Share your team, roster, progress, level, maybe even the entire killing process. I’m sure I ain’t the only one interested, even though many players here are more interested in the repeatable content, not the story mode. The last person to brag about progress here didn’t get a lot further than asking about what is “Knock-Rocket”, so maybe you could share some end-game wisdom with the rest of us.

If some of you would like to archieve this millions xp in one shot like me, just come to Blistering Badlands stage 15 and pass it then you get it and the bug still continue after this stage. The enemies around here has total BP about 6800-7000, but the team that can pass through them should be around BP 7500± plus your dragons need to be well organized, well support each others and plus several lucky tiles, unless those, even unlimited revives is still impossible to beat them.

Just example of enemies for your awareness.
5 dragons of BP around 2700 each part and super strong abilities, it’s just Blistering Badlands 4 of 89.

Oh and about my team you may see some hint at the uppest row of the picture.

I haven’t been in the forum, doesn’t mean i know nothing. Not playing for showing off, my purpose is just beat all the campaign.

All this secrecy like we are talking about tournament tactics or a crime plan… But… yes, I assume… I hope to assume… That you meant a red-dragon stacked team. Which, if you are truly half as good as you think you are, involves Magmanette for cleansing the spirit debuff and Boltbeak for some counterattack against these frequent Sawmaw casts. Seeing as you don’t have Sparguard in and that at least 5 dragons are more powerful than Fleetsleet, I’d assume that your main team is 1300+, probably some missing the last copy. Probably have a Shifty to lock the enemies with Cryptic to feed it spirit. Not sure how do you heal without Sparguard, but then again, taking blue dragons there would be suicidal, so… Probably have a Scarbearer up your sleeve.

Frankly, guessing is pointless. However… and I would very much appreciate your input… if you can even answer such a query… I do have a feeling that these “infinitely scaling” dragons scale in HP only. Their core stats remain the same as for a maxed-out version … or maybe even not a maxed out, seeing as the dragon on your screenshot is actually 4\5-star.

While we can’t see enemy stats, most players here would probably agree that 400 difference between their ~700 dragon and enemy 1100 dragon means that their dragons get 3-4 shotted. That’s how attack\defense works. But if the A\D ratio between your best dragons and enemy scaled dragons remains equal, and enemies just have a LOT of HP… then… yes, I suppose these levels are actually doable.

Looks like I was right, you posted while I was writing this wall of text. I didn’t expect to be on-point, but… oh well.

Interesting to see you utilizing Skyglow, that’s also what I wanted to suggest, but… as I said, it’s probably the first to gown. And I guess I underestimated you… all copies ready, all dragons maxed out… Good choice.

Spargard is a bit slow healing, i have the scarbearer and the important part is Skyglow to defend and charging team as well for cryptic. So abilities synchronize each others. Yeah you might say it’s just health increasing but actually not at all. Their attack can deal normal attack as 450-600 to my Def-540 dragon. So their attack here is not normal, it’s so strong. Without fast healing, ability lock and sheilding, of couse plus accelerate charging, it’s impossible to withstand here.

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So i siad no one is higher BP than me, right now. And no one go farer than me too.

I actually have 3 Spargard but they are nothing over here.

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Frankly, BP is hardly important. And Scarbearer is… “thick”. I’d use another word, but I think mods will soon go crazy, because at least 40% of my posts get pending approval.
You have a maxed out team. Can’t go higher than that, but anyone with deep enough pockets can get there. Now, whether that “maxed out team” revolves around strategy or “BP number” - is another thing. People could get higher BP, but, like I said, I approve your team selection.
That 450-600 attack… is about 25% or less of your dragons’ HP, assuming it’s normal, and counter-color would be 800, with weak-color being ~350. Could you maybe do me a favor and say how much damage do dragons from like… level 10 of Lightfury event or the last node of a limited time quest deal to you? Or at least approximately, % or so, in comparison, if you aren’t wasting energy on such nonsense.

Like, what’s the difference in damage taken(seeing as damage dealt is harder to track) from 1500 vs 1500 dragons and 1500 vs 2700.

I dont want to be rude but actually you know nothing. Where are you now bro? You may talk to me later when you pass the map of 9-13 eggs maybe you are now just at Hooligan, the map of 8-12 eggs. It’s not easy like just saying. Here’s i tried many things before and the best choise for campaign i choose already.

And as i said just high BP is nothing, you need team with super well organize, and lucky tiles. If you still have spargard on your team, you will never get pass the map of 9-13 eggs even you are at 8000 BP, let’s try.

I don’t mind rudeness, but I do prefer constructiveness. I know that Sparguard is hardly an upgrade from Brute-Wurst, but if you go elitist, then what are we even talking about? Well, at least you were useful for “something”.

Yeah maybe something is just to teach you, dont even underestimate others. Many one have their own ways. And to let you know, not only i beat campaign, my clan is also doing great like kill 6* alpha within lesser than 12 hrs, my friends are quite strong also, we all discuss the game everyday.

So back to the topic, i’m here just to need devs solving this, becuz it’s destroying my beloved game. I dont come here to discuss why i can be there.


Hey BAZ, thanks for reporting this. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re currently looking into it. At the moment, it should not be happening to any other players anymore.


Thank you, just check it and well done devs!