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Biggest change I hope for 1.7


I hope the arena gets some kind of change. 5000+ trophy arena is incredibly boring. You can predict what the next Dino is going to be most of the time. Every team is almost identical.

The only deciding factor is who wins the speed tie and RNG for crits and cloak.

This last tournament around 5000 there were numerous multi Dino 30 teams, there is such a congestion and it’s only going to get worse and people wonder why they are not placing better in future tournaments. The top 500 is a mess, it needs to be expanded or something changed.


The only change is a BIG game balance and nerf the apex 1 and tyrant tier

You will thanks me later

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As someone with high level uniques, I wouldn’t even care. At least would make the game a little more interesting.


honestly,i start to be in that case and the game is stale…
I was looking if i wasnt alone and curiously nobody talk about it on the forum (they say:its perfectly balance,dracocera is not op,thor is fine,utahsino is good ect…)
I took a look on JWA facebook comments,apple store review and its not the same thing …
10 (maybe 15) dino “MAKE” the game,either you use them,either you won’t even reach sorna arena.


It’s the people that battle for the top 10 that wouldn’t want to see it changed because understandably they spent a lot of money on the game.


I second this. I am sick of seeing the exact same 6 dinosaurs every match + 15 that are somewhat viable.

They absolutely need to do something about either the dinosaurs that genocide entire classes out of viability (Diloracheirus and Trykosaurus are the worst offenders) or buff literally everything else, so non-hybrids are actually usable to a niche.


There isn’t enough variety in dinos. When you need to field 8 to make a team of 4, there’s only so many dinos that will be worth it.

Since all dinos are identical (My lv 26 Tryko is absolutely identical to yours) there will be a optimum team, which everyone at that experience level (in game, and actual experience playing) will have.

Also, nerf’ing everyone’s trophies to ‘level’ the playing field to begin a tourney AND ruthlessly punish players for losing (huge trophy loss), only causes the issue of that pool of opponents just circle about feeding off each other, instead of anyone clearly climbing the ranks. I’m not top tier at all, but have a few really good Uniques, and the night before the tourney ended, I was around 4500 trophies, and was matched, over and over, against players with Uniques 4-5 levels higher than my own. Why? My guess is it’s likely that they were last minute trying to climb the ranks after not bothering for the past week. Why? Because trying at the beginning of a tourney is suicide - you have players who were 1200 trophies ahead of you now within battling range - good shot you’re gonna lose, lose and lose again. Better to wait until the end when the pool has stretched back out some and you stand a chance - like those who I repeatedly lost to because the big fish left my 4500 trophy pool, and I was left to feed on.

The dinos need some variety. They need a way to have special changes that not everyone has memorized. Who doesn’t know when a certain dino is going to use a move? The only thing surprising anymore is when a Thor does NOT instant charge on it’s 2nd turn. The only things in battle that change a pre-determined win are either a brain-fart, which I am prone to (forgetting that a dino is immune, or using an instant distract on something that I forgot had superiority strike) or the RNG.

How about being able to train dinos new/different skills. How about gear that we can equip that changes a dino’s stats. We know how to deal with an Indom - but what if that Indom suddenly had an instant invincibility, or could evade longer, or could nullify your defenses?

It’d take a lot of balancing to avoid some unkillable combos, but at least there’d be some variety.

I field a lv 25 Miragaia in battles purely because it’s fun to use something different. It’s counterattack is BRUTAL because it’s base damage is so high (I think, without checking/verifying so I may be wrong, that it has the highest base damage of any dino that has a full 1x counterattack.) It hits with a shielding strike for 1286 damage, armor-piercing counters for 1286 damage, and can regenerate to cleanse and heal up.

Almost every time I bring it out, there’s a long delay before the opponent attacks. They aren’t used to seeing it. And I can’t tell you HOW MANY dinos it’s killed because they see it’s got 720 health left so they throw a basic attack to finish it off, but I regenerate, survive the attack, and counterattack them into the dirt. Its fun because it’s different. Sure, he rarely wins the fight for me, as he’s slow as hell and nearly everything that’s green shatters his shield, but at lest it’s different.

We need more high level options. Or skills. Or gear. Something to encourage more than the same 8 dinos in the top tier groups.


Yup,you say it all…
But i disagree about the training stuff.
Because if you have to choose the skills what would you take?
defense shattering rampage,rampage stun,SISDR ,instant stun and some others move…
The idea is nice,but it should have a restriction!


There will always be a “meta” and certain dinos will forever be better than others. No matter how many times they balance the game or nerf/buff other dinos etc, there will always be meta dinos that are the best.

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I dont think there really is a Meta right now. It was supposed to be bleed but didnt really happen cause a lot of tanks are gone off their teams because of the Trykos and Thors. Dracocera Meta maybe?


All those dinos that u stated are predictable and all teams are identical. Those are the meta dinos :joy:


Yet the minute they change unexpected play in any way by adding SIA SR half the board goes into their safe space and refuse to counter it even claiming there are no counters and not don’t even try the meta. Another half of the board thinks everything is too strong that is any good and boredom will be fixed by having Stegosaurus be as viable as a unique.

I hope some dinos get some help, I hope some new dinos bring some new aspects and that some others do too. That’s really all that I want.


I like a lot of what you said. Being able to train your dino a new move (a la Pokego) might be interesting. However, I think to keep the field even the dino needs to lose a current move. For example, T-Rex you select to retrain a move so you select the base defense shattering strike and train him with Sinoceratops DNA and now your base move is a decelerating strike. A T-Rex with deceleration on base move might be useful in lower arenas since he’s so slow anyways. so, essentially, you couldn’t train your T-Rex with all of the best moves out there. Only base moves with base moves, etc. and maybe only retrain a dino one time so that you can’t mix it with all the best moves.


They should take @Idgt902’s idea and shake things up. Give each dino an interchangeable move set so we can customize our dinos. Then when you face that Utarinex at the beginning of every match, you won’t know exactly what order they’ll do their moves because you won’t know exactly which ones they have. That would be a lot of fun and stop the boring same ol’ same ol’


I think T-rex deserves a speed up strike to replace its unused strike attack. But a speed up that only last for 1 turn and increases speed by at least 20%. I’m also biased when it comes to T-rex since i still use it so i don’t know how many would agree with my t-rex ideas.


Trex is the most fun to play with in game so i agree ha

But yeah we need a way to change movsets or add skills according to dinos lines so for example rinex can pick any moves from any if sets of what made it from the start and stronger depening on how it is set up.

Either way we need either a 50 news dinos in top tier or something to change things up


This is still the biggest change I hope for:


If this became a wishing thread.

Zones rotate weekly.

Ive never really loved battles. I’d let the AI take my turn if it was an option.


I don’t understand why there is not an outrage. People have sat in L4 for sooo long. Why are these not rotated even once a month?


Fair, balanced matches for example.

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