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Biggest poll ever [Closed, read my latest post]

I think like at @bobbymcfeen suggested in a thread it should get precise rampage, or just a regular DSR or maybe precise shattering but defined rampage right now especially with it unlike like the mammoths having no priority stalling move is a bad idea.

Definite Shield Advantage NEEDS a Delay. Definite Impact has a delay, and DSA is just DI + a shield. DSA does what DI does and more, so the Delay is necessary.

Gemini still has NS to remove dodge so gives a delay to DSA doesn’t the issue of this battle, Gemini still beats Indo g2

Also, regarding the immunities for Gemini, I should’ve put Immune to Distraction + Stuns instead of Bleed.

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Well it’s better than distracting rampage imo. But I’d rather just give It distracting impact and definite impact and buff the damage

I just hate this nerf to definite rampage, It isn’t like distracting rampage, doesn’t need a cooldown. Ruined the move honestly.

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Lol true but eh we seen things with only impacts usually can’t do well even with buffs (cough cough Vexus, monolometra, allosino, dimetrodon Cough cough) a 2x multiplier is just very essential in making sure you do enough damage to an opponent

Well i don’t think it’s necessary, i think just removing immunity is enough for gemini :man_shrugging:
The delay limits It too much just like definite rampage cooldown limits creatures unnecessarily

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I think cause its literally a go though all move so I think it maybe deserves the 2 cooldown but I was fine with the move…just not the creatures it was on.

I’m fine with any creatures having It as long as they aren’t immune to distraction, the cooldown isn’t really necessary for this move. Like null rampage, the effect only lasts one turn.


I hope Ludia sees this poll. Probably not.

…okay, maybe they will see it.

Hey :wave: Much respect for this poll; this is a lot of work! We’re monitoring closely and sharing the feedback with the rest of the team. Keep the votes coming!


Thanks isabelle.


Imo Gemini should lose full Immunity and gain immunity to distraction instead, to still counter things like Indo G2 perfectly. He shouldn’t be immune to stuns, because stunners are absent in upper arenas. A stunnable Gemini would help them make a comeback.
Of course, Gemini without full immunity should have 1500 attack and swap in slow, to counter speedsters even better


Don’t you think Erlidom should have 3000 HP, so Spyx and Orion could oneshot him like they could a year ago?



if that was true… i’d be hammering thors. :rofl:
i could do without facing thors 6+ levels above my team tho. that would be nice.


Everything that is currently full immunity should lose that ability and be able to bleed.

Only things immune to DoT shouldn’t be able to bleed.

Woah ludia is actually paying attention to much needed changes people are suggesting? I’m surprised but very happy! Thanks ludia!


I think Geminititan, Procerathomimus and Cautious strike need to be adjusted and the rest is correct.

But beyond that, I think the nerve/buff policy is just stupid, it just proves the inability of developers to balance their creations.

With boots it’s even worse, a player can lose a considerable investment just on a (not always legitimate) creature modification decision.