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Biggest winners and losers of 2.0

2.0 has seen the biggest shift in the game as far as I can remember (since stat boosts probably). We are not only going to get some migrations, but also new features and creatures. As for the existing creatures, there were some massive changes. Some creatures came from nowhere and others got a massive kick in the pants. Here are the biggest winners and losers I feel

#10. Loser: Tryostronix. While tryo may be pretty good for Co-op, it took a massive hit with the loss of both full immunity and, even worse, ferocious strike. This used to be one of the creatures you would want to set up with and use to absolutely destroy the next creature coming in. Now, with only having RTC as it’s damage-boosting option, tryo may see the bench for a bit outside of Co-op.
#10. Winner: Woolly Rhino and Monolorhino. While monolorhino kinda went from zero to hero, woolly rhino became a nonhybrid that will probably be replacing the other woolly nonhybrid in tournaments. The real reason for this is gaining access to the best swap-in in the game: swap-in stunning strike. But this alone isn’t why woolly rhino is here. No, it’s the extra 500 damage it gained that helps propel this guy into the higher ranks of the nonhybrid tournaments. Monolorhino also gained the best swap-in in the game, and that pulls itself from the weeds and makes it a force to be reckoned with. However, unlike monostego, these guys won’t be able to constantly swap due to the inability to regenerate, but either of these guys on 1 hp is down, but NEVER out
#9. Loser: Indoraptor: Personally I am not totally sure how badly Indoraptor was hurt because of the addition of cunning strike, but the loss of shattering rampage really hurt Indoraptor, as now shields can easily stop the movie monster in it’s tracks. Also, the loss of full immunity to distractions wan’t great either. The rise of resilient moves puts the final nail in the coffin for Indoraptor.
#9. Winner: Quetzorion: Quetz lost a bit of attack, but gained the interesting and strictly better strike, a bit of hp, and not only did it keep a 100% resistance to distraction, but other resistances as well. Crafty strike looks like it is going to be a very strong move, and while the damage buff stinks, erlidominus did lose 300 hp, so it’s a null rampage away from the oven. But, it is vulnerable to resilient moves, and this could be a big weak spot to expose.
#8. Loser: Miragaia and the nonhybrid stegosaurs. The stegosaurs used to be very strong in the nonhybrid tournaments. I used kentro for the epic, whero for the rare, and miragaia for the common. They were very solid picks that could take a massive chunk out of any team. They suffered a gigantic damage nerf recently, as well as many like miragaia and kentro, seeing a loss of speed. Kentrosaurus probably got of easiest with the medium counter being changed to a full counter, but miragaia is a different story. It lost 8 speed and 350 attack as well as the ability to bypass armor which made it a solid candidate in any tournament. Now they are somewhere in the middle of the pack in the nonhybrid tournaments
#8. Winner: Ardentismaxima. Maxima was already #4 in the game easily. With the changes to the big 3, it now stands above all. It now can be bled, but it was compensated with 600 hp, making it the bulkiest creature after mammolania, stegodeus, and nodopatotitan. It also kept its old moveset, which is strong to begin with, so that is also a huge bonus to it. It also lost a couple counters like gemini, as well as trykosaurus. Tryko now loses as long as maxima gets A crit, not a rampage crit. This basicall makes it 50/50, but maxima is in favor of winning. While I feel maxima is probably the best creature in the game, it didn’t have much to go in the first place putting it at #8.
#7. Loser: Ornithomimids and terror birds. Ornithomimus was probably the 5th best nonhybrid in the game, and the terror birds like keleneken were also solid picks. However, with the fall of immunity, neither got something the desperately needed: resistance to deceleration. They can be slowed. On top of that, with all the resilient moves going around, dodge is also hurt, so that broke both of their legs. They did get compensated with damage and other buffs, but their goose is cooked.
#7. Winner: Thylacotator and Marsupial Lion. Thylacotator is back, and it gained an important resistance from its parent: deceleration. This is by far better than immunity to stuns as this is what it needed to combat the sauropods and other tanky creatures. AND, with the fall of the immune to bleed, thylac’s 1-2 really hits hard. There is one problem that was introduced: rend resistance. This is what keeps thylacotator and Marsupial Lion in check. Marsupial Lion did gain a few more winning matchups, like trykosaurus, geminititan, and now is one of the best counters to maxima. These cool marsupials are tearing it up.
#6. Loser: Woolly Mammoth. Woolly Mammoth was a staple in the nonhybrid tournaments ever since it was released for having access to the best strike in the game: PFS. This, paired with it’s decent bulk and high attack made mammoth a monster. Well, it lost 400 attack, which is really 600 with PFS, and this is a huge loss for the mammoth. It’s not a bad idea to bench the elephant.
#6. Winner: MONOMIMUS. It’s back. It’s finally back. I cannot believe it’s finally back. the return of the beloved monomimus. Monomimus kinda took over procerathomimus’s role as a speedy powerhouse with access to distracting moves for days and 131 speed. It isn’t as good as 1.14 procerath, but when a buff like this is given to MONOMIMUS, then it’s a giant win.
#5. Loser: Dsungaia. Dsungaia was a rare that flew under the radar a bit. It was an incredibly good legendary with a phenomenal kit that made this thing a force to be reckoned with. Many counter-attackers struggle with fully setting up, but with decelerating counter, Dsungaia could do that with ease, and then use a ferocious-boosted thagomizer. Now, it suffered a huge damage, speed, and hp nerf that makes dsungaia a legendary worth avoiding.
#5. Winner: Spinoconstrictor. The snake is here and here to stay. While spinoconstrictor did lose its ability to spit acid, it does gain more survivability with instant distraction, Evasive stance, and distraction. And, with the fall of the immunity, especially to DoT, that counter attack is going to rip through everything in it’s path. And if it needs to do some quick damage, precise rampage is still there.
#4. Loser: Procerathomimus. Procerath was always overrated, but it was still really strong. Well, Ludia finally caved in and slashed a third of its hp. They also took away it’s speed, so now this thing is 1-shop by a phorasaura rampage or even a smilodon pounce (if it predicts wrong). Not to mention it can be slowed. The only saving grace is the null counter, which isn’t much to keep procerath afloat.
#4. Winner: Allosaurus gen 2. The final nonhybrid on the list is now an absolute monster. What were Ludia thinking when they decided to give this thing cleansing SHATTERING strike, 300 more hp, AND more attack AND 10% EXTRA CRIT? While this may not seem like much, let’s see what allo gen 2 beats. Here is a little list as to what allo gen 2 can now take on: gemini, tarkus, the newly busted dioraja, moth, mammolania, magna, thylacotator, and maxima (again, with tryko, max needs A crit). I think that speaks for itself
#3. Loser: Geminititan. Gemini was the #2 before the 2.0 notes dropped yesterday. Now, it fell quite a bit. Originally, with the exception of grypolyth, it had no less than a 50% chance to 1v1 everything in the game. Now, it has lost a bit of hp and attack, and it has also gained new counters, like tryko and marsupial lion being able to crush it, along with allo gen 2 joining them. I personally do not know what “greater” thagomizer is, but if it’s a rampage, then that still won’t stop gemini from falling.
#3. Winner: Diorajasaur. Dioraja has always been one of my favorite uniques that never got the love it deserved. Now, that’s all about to change. It did lose ferocious strike, but for good reason as it gained a rampage AND 200 extra attack. This also helps when it comes to swapping it in for counter damage. It gained raking counter which was a bit of a nerf I feel, but that doesn’t stop this new monster, as it now has everything it needs to make a splash in the arena. On turn 2, Dio can do a theoretical 3600 damage in one go, killing a phorasaura in one turn! This thing is no less than a top 10 in the game.
#2. Loser: Indoraptor gen 2. Indo gen 2 got a change that really hurt it: the loss of defense shattering rampage. This hurts it really badly, as it now cannot deal with tankier creatures. AND, with the addition of resilient moves, Indo gen 2 struggles even more. On top of that, many of the creatures that didn’t get these moves like magna got other buffs that made them able to defeat Indo gen 2. While Indo gen 2 has a good turn 1, it’s fallen quite a lot, both in moveset and with the change of the creatures around it.
#2. Winner: Utahrhinex. Rhinex was really bad when instant charge had a delay of 2. Then, when that was changed, rhinex became a monster before Ludia cooled it down, and it has been dropping ever since. Until today. Rhinex is back and it’s angry. With high levels of damage as well as a massive speed buff, rhinex is going to charge back in. That’s not all though. With resilient moves being important, Instant charge is going to be a major way around that as they can only slow for 1 turn, allowing rhinex to regain priority and get out. With erlidom losing strike and run, this is probably the best unique swapper in the game.
#1. Loser: And the biggest loser goes to…ENTELOMOTH. Originally the best creature in the game, entelomoth lost almost everything. It lost its bulk and high attack. It still keeps it’s immunity to stuns which is good, but considering the fact that an allo gen 2 has a 40% chance to 1-shot it, it has fallen and hit rock bottom. It even loses to entelodon’s other hybrid: entelochops. I am glad I didn’t over-level entelomoth, because that’s a huge waste of mammoth DNA now.
#1. Winner. The award to the biggest winner goes to…TRYKOSAURUS Tryko was already a solid unique. While many didn’t use it in the RELU skill tournament back in July (at least in the top ranks), it was still very strong. Now, it’s looking like the #2 in the game, which was a big Jump. It gained a way to slow down other creatures with it’s new resilient impact, and now has a better counterattack as well. These also allow it to beat tenontorex and Indo gen 2, which used to destroy it. Tryko is back in its prime.

There were many creatures who won and lost in this patch. I steered away from creatures who got moves that had no description, like “refresh with tryo” (although that was a hard hit). I also steered clear of the hadrosaurs as they are now designed for Co-op and not the arena as much anymore. I also chose to avoid mammotherium and mammolania as they kinda broke even this patch.


Bravo good sir


i would still trade evasive stance for Sidestep on constrictor. just a personal preference. i liked that she didn’t have to attack anything with a counter to win the match up.


I feel like all Dodgers are losers this patch. Dodge +Distraction is no longer a problem at all for anything with Resilient moves. Even setting up Cloak successfully is going to be tough, and that’s been nerfed as it is.


Well done, concise, complete. Love it!

Allosaurus G2 is just a joke at this point. Marsupial Lion is still more powerful than it has any right to be, but it still doesn’t come close imo.


I would to, but with evasive stance AND distraction, that’s basically cautious strike with the counter

I would say they are pretty close, as marsupial lion is able to take on the faster chompers like tryko and tenonto

No. The Haast Eagle’s basic attack is basically CS on steroids.

Since Allo G2 can deal with a bunch of speedsters, I’d say that more than makes up for those few speed points that can be easily changed (except in Tenrex’s case, of course).

That isn’t their basic attack. It has a 2-turn cooldown.
Evasive Strike is their basic.

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I would still say that they are equal. Marsupial Lion can deal with the faster chompers while allo gen 2 has the distracting creatures

Ah. i guess i really need to reread things for the 5th time. so much info.


Yeah. The eagles don’t look too great

What about Lania?

Considering ML DNA is so much easier to obtain, I suppose you’re right regardless of matchups.

Lol ya um hahah ya about that @Qaw

I mean still easier than event exclusive but still

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Honestly tho when you think about tryko is just gonna reck things in 2.0

It’s lost both of its chomper counters, almost if not all it’s speedster counters, and bleeders while now relevant are very rare now.

And others that could have still maybe countered it (dilorach, rhino, spxs, vexus) have changed either enough not to counter it or don’t stand a Chance entirely

:upside_down_face: well, that’s just great. I hope I have enough left over to level my Thylacotator lol.

Speaking of changes, I think I’ll open a thread where y’all can dump any info you can come up with on the changes in the meta-relevant matchups. I’ll be waiting for the full information on all the moves before I bother calculating anything.


I’m pretty sure it’s counter Decelerates now too, right? The swap utility will be insane.