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Biggest winners in 2.0? Besides the obvious

Obviously i think maxima and tryk were the big winners from this update but what are your opinions on the others. My team took a big hit and im torn where to put my efforts. Love to hear everyones thoughts.

Quetzorion seems pretty strong. Utarinex seems better too, though many people seem to not like it.


Allosino got a pretty big buff this patch. It’s better than Thordor in PvP one on one.


The weird cat marsupial thing known as thylacotator, that dinosaur crocodile Sarcorixis, that allosaurus raptor also known as alloraptor, the forgotten chickens dilorach and monomimus, those birds ptreovexus and stigyidaryx, just to name a few in epic-unqiue


Spinoynx 10


Dio, Monolorhino, Vexus, Daryx and Tenrex for arena

Dilorach and Tuora for raids

I say bleeders, pretty much everything can be bled now

Monolometrodon got a huge buff, and a bunch of top players are using it too. It’s also pretty easy to make.


Maybe not one of the biggest winners but I got to say, ever since this bird got Distracting Impact and as shield move with 1 turn cooldown, it’s become an incredible asset to my team and I’m in library

Stgidaryx and Koolab are my treasures

Spyx, that health buff made him really good

Monolorhino… went from complete trash to surprise you’re dead!!!