Biodata on Dinosaurs and separate downloadable voice narration


Hi there,

I would like this app to be more educational for newbies to the world of dinosaurs.

Could you add a more detailed biodata on the dinosaurs like the estimated size, diet, and even habitat for each dinosaurs? I would like to learn more about the dinos that I never heard of.

Can you also release a separate download for voice narration on the biodata from perhaps Jeff Goldblum or any of the movie actors? I don’t mind to have this as a paid dlc feature.


Ooooh, and add what period they came from too. Like, are they from Jurassic, Triassic or Cretaceous. It would definitely be interesting. Obviously couldn’t do this with the hybrids but the base dinos would be neat.

Though, I do hope they get some people to help them with this too, so it is not incorrect about the data.


It would make an interesting arena or event match ups using the metadata from the bio.

Like Triassic showdown or swamp rumble.