Bird bird bird... bird is the word


They just couldn’t help themselves… Ludia trolling us with a “counter strike” event week. Just to bring back half of the flyers lol.


If they keep bringing in birds to be featured for the week than they are going to get a couple of birds from me. 3 weeks in a row now that we have to suffer through this crap. Are they trying to irritate and annoy people to the point of where they are going to stop playing? Enough is enough with the birds Ludia. Only 1 of them makes a hybrid anyways.


I’d say it’s fine. We had Pterosaurus on the event for two weeks, but I’m sure most of us chose Alanqa (as an epic). Now they brought us only Pteranodon. You have chance to catch it if you skipped it for Alanqa.


I have no interest in catching the Pteranodon. I already unlocked it plus it doesn’t even make a hybrid so there is no point of me going after it. Luckily the Rajasaurus which I do need will be available for me to catch.


I’ll choose Rajasaurus too, but only because I need it’s DNA to start fusing Rajankylosaurus. But the fact is if Pteranodon will even get it’s hybrid then everybody will regret that they didn’t catch it. If you have a chance to get it - get as much as you can. Pteranodon is so popular pterosaur that I’m sure it’ll get a hybrid in the future.