Birds 2 weeks in a row?


Ludia was obviously not 100% ready and prepared for last week when the week began. I have 2 points to prove that.

Point #1 - The “This Week’s Showcase” banner was not done and ready on Monday morning like it usually is every Monday. The banner didn’t show up until at least Wednesday (I think?) someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Point #2 - The legendary hybrid bird was no where to be found at all during the week. It wasn’t in gyms, incubators or any parks. I along with other people that I know and play the game with can confirm that. This was the first time since I started playing this game that a dinosaur that was in the This Week’s Showcase banner did not show up at all for that week. So I’m a little irritated with that part of it.

Since Ludia obviously wasn’t prepared for last week and the release of the birds than what they should have done was throw something else out there for the Showcase for that week to give themselves more time to get fully and properly prepared for the birds this coming week. Now we have to deal with the birds Showcase for basically the second week in a row. In my opinion having the birds be the Showcase for the second week in a row is Ludia’s way of saying “oops. Our bad. We messed up but we are better and fully prepared this time.”


Not another one :roll_eyes:


We’ve actually had about 18 posts saying the same thing. Read them first rather than writing another one.



Well said sir


I do apologize for the inconvenience of this post being the same as apparently many others. As you can see I don’t really spend too much time on the forums.




2 weeks of losing progress whit something usefull, even the tower strikers epic are useless


The weekly event banner was ready last Monday. It’s just that it was only for Monday and Tuesday. Version 1.4 was getting ready to drop, so only the first two days were set. Then once it dropped, the rest of the week was announced. We ended up with two themes running concurrently. Then this week we are back to a single them… Pterasaurs.

Last week (Monday - Fierce theme)…

Last week (after 1.4 dropped it because Fierce & Pterosaurs themes)…

Now this week (just Pterosaurs theme)…


I will ask this though. Am I the only one who thinks that we all should get a reward (incubator, cash, or coins) for having to deal with the birds for the second week in a row? Are there other people who think that as well?


Anything that benefits us players are always welcome…:blush:


My alanqua got to lvl 14 last week I aim to make the hybrid with this week’s event. I’m happy as long as we get Raja and Erlik sometime soon!Cant wait to have a synergy team of hit and runners with swap in ability flyers


I love it.


Why are people always asking for rewards for being inconvenienced in the slightest way? Like seriously…


They want to get the birds involved. Atm no one is using them because our other Dino’s levels are far superior. If they drop a tonne of DNA on us then some people will start using them. It was a deliberate move.
They don’t show the full weeks dinos on the banner because they didn’t want to (specifically) spoil the surprise of the new Dino’s.
Also last week the legendary wasn’t part of the Dino of the day event (what ever it’s called) it will be in parks this weekend after the epics.


i wanted to try alanqa out, so put him in my group. not once was he selected as my battle 4 lol. not once. so out he went lol


Alankyla will be really strong. I am really happy that they gave 2 weeks of alanqa to me! Qlankyla is basically this:
“A slightly worse tragodistis that gives all your other dinosaurs instant invincibility”


Ill farm these flyers n they are basically giving me the flyer hybrid with another aquana day and the battle events throughout week so that’ll do me. But could do with baryonax n mono epics next


Where do you get these screen shots from please ?


I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows that having these 2 weeks in a row is a shambles…

Only people this benefits is new players… fact!!