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Birds can do more than you think


why not swap in nuffying, swap in dodge or swap in bleed?


Why should crap birds that everyone has been given over the last 2 weeks be able to counter dinos that people have grinded for months for… swap in invincibility is well enough


Wait for the hybrids


Honestly, birds are far away from countering ground dinos. They deserve more fancy moves at the expense of stats.


The birds will be amazing at some point the stats need to be sorted and we will be good to go :grin: it wasn’t so long ago people were excited for them lol :joy: :joy: :joy:


And will be awesome if Alanqa have some sounds on her Rampage move


I just love the über dramatic deaths of our new birdies :rofl::joy::joy:


I think swap in bleed is comming…

They said more hybrids are on there way in the patch notes and there were too new bleed moves added with no dinosaurs assigned them


They die like Victorian women in a swoon, and it cracks me up every time.


It’s true! My son & I crack up every time. It’s like they got shot in a saloon fight in a spaghetti western


Hahaha every time I’ve seen one die I’ve thought ‘swoon’ :joy:


Always reminded me of when a cartoon char pretends to die from Looney Toons lol