Birthday Gift

Got this idea from another thread. But how cool would it be if we were able to put our birthday in our profile and get a special incubator or gift on that day?


Yes if they update this by one week Friday… that’d be great thanks :innocent:


hate it :upside_down_face: . go back in time to october 18th and start this program and it will be :+1:

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Ludia is only giving out an epic incubator ONCE for joining VIP and that’s paying customers. What makes you think that they’ll give out special incubators on birthdays?

It was just a suggestion. Probably not an epic, but something special would be nice. Maybe even a rare or a customized one like they did with Halloween.

And with attitudes like that they’ll be more likely to not give us anything. Just saying it doesn’t hurt to suggest something different…:woman_shrugging:

But we get so many free incubators already :joy: one more couldn’t hurt right…?