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Bit of advice please


Ok I’m in 2 minds I have a lvl 11 tany and 26k DNA for it but not sure to lvl it up as high as I can, or don’t bother and save the coins.
I see a lot of the top ranked players with them so can’t be be too bad.
What do people think?


Unless you can get it to 19/20 I wouldn’t bother


I still use it in Estates. But yea 20-23 is where it needs to be to make a difference


Yeah, usually the people in the top tier that use Tany have it levelled to at least 19/20. It’s an effective nullifier, and great at removing cloak from Irex or Iraptor. But at lower levels, the HP makes it an easy target.


Thanks , I will work out what lvl I can get it too with 26k DNA


Also, every dino needs to fit with other 7 and the various possibilities of the 4 chosen by RNG. For example, if you have already dinos at 130 speed, or already 3 legendary dinos with nullifyng, it may be not worth the cost.

I have Tany at 18 with 8941 dna and she helped me a lot to climb until 3.7xx trophies, now I’m hesitating to level her up, because I don’t know if the monolofosauro dna should go into monomimo or monostegotopo.

If I will choose monomimo (speed 129) I will put this dino in my team instead of Tany, so it isn’t worth it to level up Tany now. If I will choose Monostegotopo (speed 117) of course my Tany will remain in the roster…


You know what at the moment I do not have a dino with nullifying on my team :confused: have not unlock monostegoto yet and 60 DNA away from mono.


So definetively put Tany on your team. She is a beast! Then, if you want some other advices feel free to put your dino collection screens here (as well as indicating us what arena are you now and what kind of dinos are you facing).


Think am doing ok climbing slowly in the arena 3929, you know what it’s like 1 step forward 2 steps back :slight_smile:
This is my team


I am 3.660 now so I may not be the best person to advice you on this :sweat_smile:
Who to be replaced with Tany?
I think Stegoceratopo seen that you have already other dinos whit slowing or cleansing moves…



ps what about sucotator instead? Nullifyng and also DoT (mine is lev 18 ready to 19 as well)
Seen that you already have in your team Pyrritator with 129 speed…


I did have sucotaror in my team but took him out as told was no good in arena 7, I think I have enough DNA to get him 22/23 maybe.
Just had a look at him I’m sure it had immunity as a passive but not no more.


I’d say hunt dinos a lot, at days and even at nights, know every local spawns in your area/city.
Don’t mind your ranking/trophies, test every dinos you have to know what’s best for your team. It’s okay to lose a battle as long as you keep on learning. Prioritize on hunting specific dinos, you don’t need to dart everything.

Looking at your current team, Yes, you can make it through Jurassic Ruins but, you’ll gotta find it difficult just to stay, cause dinos in Arena 8 are over-leveled ones. It’s okay to stay in Sorna Marshes as you are building your best Team.

Hunt for Stegodeus’ components, level her up more, you’ll gonna need her over-leveled.
Although I don’t have “Tragodistis”, hunt for her components also, she’s a great dino.
Hunt for more “Velociraptors”, work your way on getting that “Indoraptor”, she’s gonna be essential in your team. Get your “Tryostronix” stronger, she works wonders against tanks.
Hunt more Diloranosaurus’ components and “Deinocheiruses”, and go for its Unique hybrid.
Get your hands an “Ankyntrosaurus”, a great tank with superb abilities, and eventually its Unique hybrid(Trykosaurus). Get yourself a Utahsinoraptor, and work on its Unique hybrid(both got buffed).
Monomimus is another but, its components are hard to have.

I hope this helps you a lil’ bit. :wink:


Don’t remember well if she had immunity but they changed her moveset and skills.