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Bite Club is looking for a couple good recruits!

Bite Club is a drama-free alliance and we like to help each other out with raids, achievements, and DNA donations. We don’t have any screenshot requirements. We consider ourselves a more laid-back (leadership-wise) but still high-achieving alliance.


  • Have three level 20 sanctuaries, which we vote for via an easy-to-use emote-based system in our Discord and build in under 48 hours.
  • Like to raid, and can help you complete Apex raids. We have a bot in our Discord that you can use to assign your own raid roles and easily find a group.
  • Generally earn 10/8 or 10/9 in weekly missions.
  • Easily hit rank 8 in four-week championships and rank 9 in five-week championships (we’re usually very close to the Top 100).


  • Have a Discord account or are willing to make and use one, as we do all of our organization on Discord.
  • Complete your daily missions and get your DBI.
  • Are eligible for tournaments and at least do your 10 takedowns in every tournament (extra battling appreciated but not required).
  • Are not at 0 arena trophies and do not sit at 0 arena trophies for days after season reset.
  • Like to raid! Bonus if you have good raid dinos (big maxima, tenrex, dio, mortem, gemini, etc.)
  • Will not drop anything into the level 20 sanctuaries (if you’re unaware, you do not need to have one of your own creatures in a level 20 in order to feed/interact/play with anything in there for lots of DNA, and you get the same (tiny) amount of DNA from a placed creature’s return whether a sanct is level one or level 20).

We won’t take just anyone who applies – we’re picky so we don’t disrupt the great atmosphere in our alliance. Mature adults are especially welcome to apply!

If all that sounds good, send me a DM here with some info about yourself, or find me on Discord (Castal #0759).

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