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Black Dragon lair glitches

So, I FINALLY made it to the black dragon’s lair… twice. Being a renown 25, you can imagine how difficult it was to even get there… and I bet you can also imagine how unbelievably frustrated I was when the game glitched out and basically froze BOTH times… the first time wasn’t so bad because I got slaughtered anyway, but the game just stayed on that screen with just the dragon and none of my heroes, as they were completely dissolved by acid. I had to shut the game down after waiting awhile like a fool… but the second time… I finally got to take a crack at the dragon. I hit her once with Raika’s Manticore Tail, barely scratched her… and then she hit my Raika w her own tail, to which Raika responded with a counter attack… it t was a critical hit too… then my hero (Cali) was next in line, but she was just standing there with the white circle under her signifying that it was her turn… but I couldn’t do anything and the game froze like that. I closed it out and when I reopened it, it didn’t give me the option to continue in that room. Very annoyed to say the least.

Hey there, TOADSBLOOD. Could you please reach out to our support team at Our support team would be happy to try and assist you. Please remember to include your support key in the email as well.

Thank you!

The black dragon fight has also stuck for me a few times. I think it has always been with Pikel and Coriolis, I suspect it has something to do with one of them or both. What other heroes did you have?

It hasn’t glitched for me once, and I was running with cori in party, and no pikel. just fyi

Totally frozen stuck on Dragons 2nd attack. The game has been very laggy the last couple days and tries to load in the middle of sessions I suspect that is what’s causing the freeze. Dragon has 2 attacks and game loses connection and tries to reconnect or just loses connection at the right time on the dragons two attacks that it freezes on its turn and can’t complete the 2nd attack. Tried to close and re open app but it Kicks you out of the Forestfall event back to Home Screen with no option to continue. Hoping after Raid is over or and they can clear their servers or Refresh them (whatever) the laggy ness will get better and maybe dragon won’t glitch out frozen.

Hi there Blazenkks and Zengartor. Please consider contacting our team at with your support key if you haven’t already. It’ll help with any investigating that needs to be done.

Hey Zengartor, I believe I had Cali, Raika, Nayeli and Sarrvin when it froze. But Sarrvin may have already fallen before I got to the lair… I don’t remember. I did go on to finally defeat the dragon w this lineup eventually though. Thank you serpentine owl!