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Black dragon

Well I was promised they were working on the freeze bug when getting to the dragon it’s even worse now even in challenge mode

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Especially in challenge mode.

Noted for our team. Thank you, @Myrick2248!

Any eta I cannot Finnish my free challenges very frustrating

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Hm, don’t want to jinx myself, but it’s been working fine for me on an iPhone. Been grinding FF for the last couple of days with no issues and I’m a heavy grinder. It did freeze a few times when I was going through the challenge prior to the update when it was that 2 week thing to do the last 2 levels and I do see many other guild members complain currently about freezes. So don’t know what the difference is between me and them.

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Things have improved markedly in the last couple of days.

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If by “improved markedly” you mean still freezing up just as often, then I certainly agree!

If it’s any help, it seems to happen nearly every time I get stunned by the first move, and always when the boss is doing the “raise head to call” motion.

Hopefully challenge mode becomes playable soon.

Completely unplayable for me. He freezes every time he raises his head to roar

You all must be running iphone 4’s or something. Mine has never frozen a single time out of hundreds of times, and I know many others who haven’t had a freeze either. Are your platforms fully updated (whether it’s iOS, android)?

iPhone SE 2020, currently up to date. I’m pretty sure it’s their programming and not our phones.

S9+. Many people are experiencing the same issue. Its not our phones

I think nayeli is causing the issue

I pretty much stopped getting freezes when I stopped using reflect damage & counterstrikes – not sure if both cause the problem but I’m pretty sure at least reflect is.

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I’m not using counterstrike or reflect myself and get it constantly.

I think bad programming is causing the issue

I’m sorry to hear that, Myrick2248, and I can understand your frustration. :sweat: This is an issue our team is still investigating at the moment.

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to please email our support team at with your device information and support key? It would greatly help our team out with their investigation.


I have emailed support with the information you advised I am now missing out on daily challenges due to not being able to complete this dungeon

i have been farming the new instance with zero issues, p[robably 100 runs. never had the freeze up thing happen until today but i isolated what was causing it for me. Anytime I take nayeli into the instance and the dragons stun ability hits her the dragon freezes. if the stun does not hit her and hits someone else it does not freeze.


Doesn’t matter who I take it freezes every time or the equipment

Here’s a new one bard had buff to revive gets killed by archer see the revive activating but no bard visible but it’s her turn and I can’t do anything