Black Friday event?

I know coins have gone on sale in the past. But we haven’t seen one in a while. Seems like the perfect time to launch a coin sale for Black Friday. Has anyone heard of any rumblings?

Other than my stomach I have not indeed heard any


That’s a hard no on any black Friday sale here.

What you miss the 15 aus dollar ones last night??
30 dollars ish Australian dollars got me 2 rare incub 100k coins quite a few k hard cash Just checked it’s still there called rare bundle on the banner at top of shop

What event?
WE could go to shops, 6 dinos in the weekend… really sucks…

agreed - leveling everything up necessary to unlock all the new dinos has already cost me in excess of 500K in coins.

Theres a hard cash sale rn if ya havent noticed…

Ask and you shall receive


15K cash is interesting but im affraid if there are à épic/prime version of actual rare offer :confused:
15k cash with prime incubator and 160K gold


This offer appears just the day after I bought the “offer” step from version 16 to 17 :frowning: Today with the offer I could get 14000 tickets instead of 7000. Yes, yesterday I also included an epic incubator but that did not serve almost The only interesting thing was the tickets, a pity, I should have guessed that there would be an offer for the Black Friday :frowning:

Another pity is that there is no offer to buy coins or capsules.

Coins probably Monday? Cyber Monday should be a sale too

Ya i was Hoping for coinss since I’m not willing to pay for hard cash . Just collected a lot via Tapjoy. I know Beggers can’t be choosers but yes hopefully Monday some coin sale

They usually come in pairs separated by a few days your onto it

Good indicator is it usually happens around the same times tapjoy has their bonus cash rewards from their offers

Is this 50% cash offer is better than level up offer? Considering everything we get from level up offer then only double cash?

Another suggestion needed: Should I go with this offer even if I have 32K cash already saved?

(I can’t easily buy it this month but next month likely then I won’t see this offer so will go for it if suggested yes).

Also I think on Christmas they might give another good offer?

Don’t know if everyone is getting this offer but for the same price you get the cash and the coin and dna

Got them both. DNA and coins were a bonus to the cash for that offer in particular