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Black Friday

I’ve made a promise to myself that tomorrow’s maintenance is do or die time. Either Ludia will get it right and I’ll keep on, or else they’ve lost me for good. I know it doesn’t matter one bit to anyone else, but I’m so over all of this garbage. They took an imperfect but playable game and destroyed it.

I’ve had fun, and it’s been interesting getting to know some of you through your posts. I’ve been hyper critical of Ludia, but only because this game is pretty awesome and deserves better than them. Hopefully I’ll be around past the weekend. The Darwin event will let me create ptero, which will only leave geminititan for me… but that just may be the end of the road.

All the best, if I don’t stick around.



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May as well just leave tbh. Once you’re that far along, it’s hard to change that mentality. Ull be disappointed much more easily now that ur thinking negatively about the game. No point in letting it affect your emotions like that.

I’m just waiting around like you. Tomorrow will decide it for me also. My main account has dropped about 800 trophies so far. A years work of grinding and cussing only to get kicked in the privates since the company was afraid to fix all the blunders as soon as they happened. Instead made it worse since they didn’t want to upset their golden children. Kinda missed the bus on that didn’t they.


I liked it better when you at least gave @Ardens credit


Same here, I don’t enjoy the game that much anymore. It’s a shame all the effort I put into it for almost a year and all goes away.
They really don’t know how to manage a game.


sorry. didnt ask for opinions. thats my opinion on the situation.

Farewell if we don’t see you again.

ahh there it is. ive used that gif before and when i gave ardens credit that was actually part of the post. it had meaning. you dont have to know everything.

No idea what you’re even referring to. I’m out. Have fun trying to make a case for being funny :+1:

I have no idea what is happening with the insults here.

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some people have big ego’s. dont let it stop you from posting your opinion.


I was just playing around until you decided to break bad. I don’t care to make posts like this anymore, but give a shout if needed.

is that your final proofread of your post? its not that important…

Man second time this week… the game is hard enough… I can’t handle anymore arguing… please, for everyone’s sake, stop.

And, not to offend, but you too please… like I mentioned… it’s already stressful enough…

This feeling that you have that today is a decisive day to continue playing or abandon we have many.

As always, I will try to make a calm decision and, therefore, even if the news is bad, I will wait a few days before making a decision. The main thing I hope to see is the confirmation or not that the game becomes “pay to win”. This sensation is basically based on two concepts

  1. All the new creatures are “only for people who pay a lot of money” and, therefore, the players who are in high levels will be left shortly with nothing to be able to hunt to improve our teams and, therefore, break 50 % of the game (although for me it is 70%), the search for dinosaurs.

  2. Boosts that definitively condition the game can be purchased. This breaks the other 50% of the game (although for me it is 30%), the battles.

Possibly, today I will not have answer to the first of the points but I suppose that I will have answer to the second.

The method of battles that is now broken, for me is secondary. It is simply an error that at one time or another will solve but is not, as the first two points, something done voluntarily by them.

I hope they realize the importance of the solution they offer us.

As a contribution to the solution, I only ask you one question: why radically change something that worked quite well until version 1.5? The people of my alliance were at that moment more animated than ever! We all spoke in our private chat of tactics, rankins, we speculated with the new hybrids (hybrids not of payment, of course), etc. Version 1.6 was a “null version” with the addition of two unique unreachable and created from the same epic DNA what many consider a tease. It did not mean anything particularly bad but it was two months lost. The 1.7 version with the inclusion of the boosts and all the unique and legendary “only for big money payers” (in addition to the large number of version errors and irritating changes with the pairings) may have been a shot in the foot. Simply, think about going back to the origins.




You keep saying this but I really don’t see why.

In what way is Purutaurus only available to those that pay? Its made by fusing two rares that are available in the wild. Ardonotosaurus? A wild epic and rare. All the cenzoics. Even the hybrids that require arena exclusives are readily accessible to those that have played for a reasonable amount of time, keep incubators cooking 24/7 and battle in the arena (edit: literally just got Baryonyx Gen 2 in my daily battle incubator).

Or do you just think everyone should have everything given to them without having to put in any effort?

Edit: Thank you @Evicton, you are correct Purussaurus is an arena exclusive (I get my Gen 1 and Gen 2 muddled) - however as you also say it is hardly difficult to get as anyone who has unlocked Nublar will get it in their incubators. Granted I have been playing for about 10 months but I had enough DNA to get it to L22 straight off and to L23 since then.