Black market DNA trader

Trying to stay a little within the realm of the franchise here, but I cant be the only one with way too much DNA for a lot of creatures. Examples of DNA I’d love to get rid of:

Heck, make it market value or something if you want. Reduce how many coins we get for selling the more we sell.

Maybe other players could buy it. Like an auction house. Maybe not. But please- give me some coins for this dna…


So…like a trade Harbor…
I wonder where I’ve heard that before…

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Yes that would be ince as well as deleving dinos for gold and their dna except for hybrids which only get their specific dna. The trike g2 isn’t wasted tho, it’s hybrid has the best swap in damage.

Have it like a barter house where you can put up 1000 epic dna 10000 rare and 100000 common and then someone could put up 1000 Rex dna with up to three things they would trade for like 1000 brachio 10000 dimetrodon or 100000 tarbo

yeah. the trade harbor type dynamic from JWTG would be perfect.
x amount of trades per day (randomized and refreshed every so often) plus 1 personally designed trade per day (3-4 for VIP members)


This sounds like a great idea. You can auction off DNA like in JWFK this would also be extremely helpful @Ned check this out it’s within the lore and a great new addition


I certainly love this idea, I have hundreds upon thousands of common DNA that I can’t even use


Sounds like a good idea to me. I’m siting on thousands of DNA that I’m never going to use nor be able to donate.

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This is a amazing idea!