Black Market

Markets, stores - a suggestions often wanted by a lot of players - not only in JW Alive.
A very helpful feature which gives us a new way to spend and acquire cash/coins and to gain DNA for creatures we want. In my suggestion it also gives a new benefit for VIP members and Player Level.

The Black Market…

Oh well, how does it work?
The Black Market isn’t available on our taskbar, like Inventory or Area. It’s a Point accessible from the map, like Strike Events or Treasure chests. Unlike them, it would be rarer (maybe one Black Market Point in the radius of… 500-1000 meters?)

What’s elese? Is it available for everyone?
Yes it is, but not at the start. To gain access to Black Market you must first buy a Pass Card. Pass Card would cost… Maybe 500$? I think it’s a price suitable even for the non-vip players. A Pass Card is permament, after you’d buy it, it will be forever in your Inventory.

Okay so… Isn’t this suggestions too easy way for the newbies for having a team full of epic dinosaurs?
I don’t think so. Why? Because the newbies won’t have Access for Epic DNA Store.

Yes there would be 5 stores accessible only for the players with specific (or higher) level. Why? Because of two reasons:

  • To finally give Player Level new benefits
  • To prevent newbies getting too strong team on the start

And what are the types of stores?

  • Common DNA Store - Available for the newbies
  • Rare DNA Store - Available for the players with level 6
  • Epic DNA Store - Available for the players with level 11
  • Legendary DNA Store - Available for the players with level 16
  • Unique DNA Store - Available only for the VIP members with level 16

Selling / Buying DNA…
The players can sell some DNA for specific creature for Cash or Coins… like standard market works.

Black Market has only benefits? Can anything go wrong?
Yes it can. When You’re buying mass quantity of DNA there a chance that a small precentage of them (5-10%) would be damaged in a process of transfering them. The example:
Player bought 100 DNA for T-rex. In The process of transfering, 10% of them were damaged. So the Player got 90 DNA instead of 100.
It’s a black market, not standard market, so some things may go wrong, right? :slight_smile:

I hope you like this suggestion. Let me hear your commens about it :slight_smile:


Neat, but at $500 I’d buy another Xbox one X so I could have another family member play co-op games with me on their own tv lol

500$ - I mean ingame cash, not real cash XD

Ohhhhh, those are dino bucks… that’s a bit more reasonable


I almost fell over when I saw it too, then I realized they meant in-game cash. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I like the idea. WOW has a black market. It works differently, but I like your thought process.

I would allow other players to auction off some of their dna as well. Maybe even sell it for cash or coin??? They could create an in game economy like most mmo’s. It may be a stretch, but Why not?

Yeah I definitely thought you meant $500 real cash, i couldn’t justify spending that until I have my diamond-studded grille that says “T-REX” on it :grin:

I commend you for this well detailed suggestion. Looks like you put a lot of thought into it or it was a single stream of consciousness. Either way, cool ideas, keep it up!!

That’s great idea!

I wish there was a DNA market similar to clash royale where you could buy dna with coins and the dna would cycle every 24 hours.