Blake Bailey

Does anyone know who his double is or if we can even match with him yet cause I want him :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:image

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He can’t be matched with yet, but maybe in the near future!


Ugh I just passed him again and want him so bad!! :joy: I also need Gabe Scott to come through!! The wait is killing me!


i want him

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Btw I love your picture I love that weebtoon

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thank u lol i knew it was gonna be profile pic worthy XD i have a ton of profile/header/cover pic worthy screenshots XD

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I got matched with a cat… :slightly_smiling_face:

Can someone help me out I appear not to be able to choose what I can say to my cat.

I don’t really get how this game works…


Sometimes there are dialogue options that may be free or cost gems and sometimes the dialogue is like ear with not options. Lovelink is a chat-based game, though sometimes you get to go out on dates, with all your interaction when not seeing the character in person being on Lovelink. It’s based off Tindr with the swiping left or right mechanic.

You swipe right on the characters you’re interested in, but not everyone can be matched with as each storyline is shared by two, occasionally three, characters, so you can only match with one from each storyline. Other characters have no content released yet and can’t be matched with.

When you’ve reached the end of the content currently available for a character they will go “offline for a while” and the chat will be greyed out until more content is released.

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So I get to go out on dates with my cat?

Or with other people who matched with a :cat2:

Not yet. There’s a person behind the cat account, but there’s no story content released yet where you get to meet them in person or be sent a photo of them.

You don’t match with and go on dates with other players, only the characters in the game.

As you keep playing and match with more characters it will become easier to navigate, but mostly it’s like a choose your story app, but all in chat-format and you only talk to that character you matched with or a NPC that’s relevant to the plot as sometimes they are used briefly in a conversation.

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Haha I a few saved too

His bio is so vague. Hopefully when he’s added he has a whole new story and new counterpart, because I can see him being added as a third counterpart for an existing storyline like Damien/Austin, the way Charlie was added for Jake/Zayn.


I’ve tried matching with him but never had any luck, for some reason tonight its actually matched us!! Xx

Before now his story wasn’t written. Any character you can’t match with is either not written or you’ve matched with the counterpart :blush:

Keanu Hale is his counterpart.

I matched with Keanu before remembering his counterpart is Blake, so I unmatched with Keanu to get Blake. Keanu looks a little too young for me.

You can match with Blake now! I did this morning. He’s pretty fun

I wish I could match with him, but since I can’t enter the game because of the L1-5 error, I guess I’ll have to wait.

I have matched with Blake, he seems pretty cool and cute :blush:

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Our boy is on break pretty much right after our hot date. So sad :sob::sob::sob: