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Blake Bailey

Same happened to me

Did that work for you? I matched with Keanu and started talking to him :sob::sob:

I would totally reset my whole game for Blake but I spent money on gems like an idiot.

It did with Stefan/Oliver, but I didn’t want to talk to either of them anyway so I unmatched. I ended up sticking with Keanu.

Dangit. I was hoping they had changed the “unmatch with the counterpart” business lol.

I’m so annoyed I don’t even wanna keep playing :sob:

Blake is a lot of fun. He goes on break pretty quickly though. You only get one date with him :confused:
I also really want the Gabe character, but haven’t matched with him yet. I want to know what his counterpart is though, so I can make sure I match with Gabe when he’s available. Honestly I wish there was a list of characters and their counterparts

Hi! Here’s the link:

I found the list too late for some of my matches – hope it helps!