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Blank Arena Glitch

3 times in the past 2 days.
Come back to having my ass whooped.


Same now after the update. Empty arena and nothing else loads up.

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Couldn’t even battle today because this kept happening. But when I reloaded there was no battle ongoing.

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Same has been happening to me dice the update , some times clock goes to 0 and it doesn’t show the time out message, I re load the game to realize I am already losing the battle

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3 times in 2 days?? You’re lucky, it’s more like 8 out of 10 times for me…

Now it’s happening during Raids as well… and it takes two game resets to get to normal…
@Ned, @J.C, could you let the devs know about this, please?

Same issue. Happens to me on every battle.

Thank you for reporting this to us, everyone!

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email our team at with your support key included in the email? It’d really help our team out!

Thanks. :smiley:

Happens very often since the update.
Not nice after a free fall from 56xx to 52xx.

This is basically happening to me every time I try to play a match.

3 times in a row… it’s unplayable

Empty Arena, Timeouts en masse and now the 30 second battle timer in a continuous loop (just experienced for the first time).

Nullifying Strike: Target motivated player.

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Been seeing this screen more often than not nowadays when mm. It stays there and doesn’t move :frowning: Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Yes, happens in other arenas too, not only Gyro.

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Yes. It will stay like that for the length of the initial 30 second timer and then the 60 second timer and then it will switch over to matchmaking error.

Right I usually just close/reopen the app after 3 sec lol

This happens every now and then to me - 90% of the time minimising the game, waiting 3 seconds then expanding it again causes the battle to start once it has flashed up:
PlayerName has disconnected
PlayerName has reconnected


When are you going to fix all the game braking bugs? Every time you touch the game you introduce more bugs. What’s going on in your company?


I’ve been counting. 8 matches played yesterday against 36 (!!!) time outs. So weird how one of the most annoying problems since the release has not been fixed in 2,5 years time but only got worse after every update, to the point of making this game almost unplayable by now.