Blank Event Screen Bug

After completing a battle in the Event Tab, I get a blank Event screen. Also when I click on the Adventure Tab, the game goes straight back to the blank Event Tab. It is not possible for the game to stay on the adventure tab.

The only way I can fix this problem is to reboot my whole phone. And I am now doing this after almost every battle.

This bug has existed over several patches now.

How about just a bug fix update? Some of your bugs are really annoying, have been around for ages, and just don’t seem to be a priority.

I’ve experienced the same bug, though my fix is a little easier. Once I go to the heroes tab the bug stops. Hope this works for you too!

My best description of the bug is:

  1. You see a blank event tab
  2. If you select the Adventure Tab, you will be sent back to the blank Event tab instead.
  3. The work around is to select the event tab, but in order to do so you must select another tab first (any tab other than adventure).