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Blatant Cheating Within Arena

I didn’t really want to talk about about this topic again, but I feel like I have to :frowning:. Yesterday once again after a rather long time “All Zero Battle logs” showed up again in my Arena Battle log. I had thought this wouldn’t happen again, cuz i’m so high up in the rankings that’ they wouldn’t be able to come close. Seems like i was wrong.

I then went ahead and checked the profiles of everyone in the top 200 and i found the following 7 suspicious profiles:
Suspected Cheater 1

Suspected Cheater 4 Suspected Cheater 5 Suspected Cheater 7

As you can see all of these are Low level accounts (and have low lvl Defense teams ranging from 2959 Bp to 5229 Bp). They clearly don’t belong in the top 200 for several reasons:

  1. The Low Bp Defense team would be destroyed by any player with a 7k Bp team (so they should be attacked a lot of times and drop down easily)
  2. Their teams definitly shouldn’t be able to defeat a 7k to 8k Bp team. Yet they seem to be able to do so otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are. ( I can confirm that 3 of them attacked me with a low Bp team and my dragons where unable to dela any dmg whatsoever)

Also for those wondering that they might be hiding a really strong team you have to remember that you can’t breed for 5* dragons before you reach lvl 23. And that the amount of resources it takes to get a team of 7k Bp is immense.


I totally agree with you! And confirm that I’m around your rankings in Arena. I was attacked by the same group of people at least for 10 times in the last 3 days. One of them was even in the top 50. This is outrageous. We spent so much money, energy to build our team, train our dragons and climb up only to be defeated by cheaters?!

Ludia, please wake up and act! Who are willing to spend money or play the game anymore if all it takes to undo all these are some outlaw cheap cheaters.


Yea it is full of cheating, people use the modified version to activate cheats that somehow deal an insane amount of damage in one hit, the same people do so to the alpha battles. I don’t know how they aren’t red flagged more. I hope something can be done to delete these cheating accounts. They make it harder for legitimate accounts to get into the top