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Bleed battles

How is it fair to have to battle 4 lv 15 to lv 18 epic dinos with 1 single bleeder.
Yes if u are a top player with 90% creatures maxed and boosted then its no problem
But i, a lv 19 player with plenty of lv 17 18 19 20
And my main team of 22-23
But just by luck i have no bleeder thats high level.
I could smaah them with a single creature from my team.
Its basicly either u are lucky af or a high end player.
The support for newer players is less and less.
Boosts everyday, ofc.
Milking as usual.

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Well all the other strikes are super easy so the highly advanced players need some sort of a challenging strike

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Level 30 unboosted Thyla, no problem

Could just do so by either adding a script to add creatures based on your highest creature with that required ability.

Plus i never use my main team for lower battles. I use similar creatures
A pretty fun way for a challenge.

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Thnx for giving a perfect example to why this is a problem
And made only to boost high end players, wich barelly need any help anymore.
While doing nothing for newer players but annoy the living heck out of them

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Spinoconstrictor level 21 5/1/0 and yes I’m level 19

Besides most of us did it for fun cause the rewards werent very good

Every single Trial so far has been for the lower level players. The day we have one that’s directed at the higher-level players you come complaining that Ludia does nothing for y’all. :expressionless:

Remember, the point of these trials is to reward players that have taken the time to unlock a wide variety of creatures. It’s giving players an incentive to complete the Dex.

Well… so you need a tower with Atk limited rule like this?

Expert Fool's Trial

I know this is not Wounding Trial, but hard as true trial.

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I beag it with an unboosted level 22 Erlixospyx

Honestly I had to go out of my way to lvl up my kerato to 19 just to beat them

My 18 thlyla was killed by erlikosaurus.

I used unique Spinoconstrictor. No boosts.

But if you somehow beat it the rewards are different. If the difficulty is same to high level and low level players, the rewards should also be same.

As long as the rewards are different there’s no point in adding any difficulty.

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I don’t follow. Are you saying that we should have tougher Trials with the same rewards as easy ones? What sense would that make?

Having better rewards is justified by having a higher difficulty. That’s the point.

No. Definitely not.

That rewards should be same regardless of the players level.

But this was the toughest trial yet, so it fits that the rewards are the best yet, right?

You still don’t understand, do you? Maybe that’s my mistake.
The rewards should be better. But that rewards should be same to all level players.

They’re not the same to all level players?

They’re scaled to player level

Oh. Never mind then, I didn’t know that.