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Bleeder should not bleed and stunners should not be stunned

As what the title says.

Why are dinos that do bleeding, sometimes prone to bleeding themselves. Case in point Darwin.

Why are stunners prone to being stunned? Case in point, Rixis.

This does not make sense. Bleeder should not bleed themselves. Stunners should not get stunned.

I hope Ludia can do some changes to these “biological discrepancies”.

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  1. This flattens the game and makes it more boring with fewer abilities being usable. We don’t want immune meta to happen again
  2. Rixis is too strong already
  3. This puts bleeders with damage abilities in better position than bleeders with only bleeding abilities

It works like that with venom and only with venom. Are Leopards immune to other Leopard’s claws? No? Then why should bleeders be unbleedable and stunners unstunnable?

Chompers shouldn’t be chomped. Speedsters shouldn’t be outspeed. See why this doesn’t make sense?


I am not in that “we”.

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I feel as though some should be able to bleed and others should not. Let Stygidaryx stay as is. That’s fair. It needs that. Spinonyx should also be immune to bleed. Honestly we are overdue for a brand new bleeder. We need a bleeder minion in Raids. Bleeding isn’t getting too much love. Is Thylacotator immune? I’m too lazy to check, but that should also be immune if it isn’t already. If those three are immune, I’m good with it. The rest can perish.

Immune meta was the worst thing that ever happened in this game, even worse than DC abuse…

But the other “we” wanted other dinos to have their own place to battle. Seriously, that meta was awful and boring for both ends (winner and loser).


Still, no “me” in that “we”.

His point still stands though… your point? Eh,not so much

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Well good thing you’re not in charge.



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