Bleeders are swamping the arena

So how many immune dinos we need for arena, every match is faced with bleeder, crazy.

Why only immune dinosaur? Many damage dealers can trade 1 for 1 or win against bleeders. After all, DOT is calculated at the end of the turn.

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And so it begins. The ‘nerf bleeders’ threads.


In this instance, I think it’s justified. All Ludia has done with this update is change tanks from being overpowered and instead making bleeders totally overpowered. They should be striving for balance, not this.

Bleeders are not overpowered. Just another part to the game. Turn for turn alot of Dino’s can take them down as they have pretty low health. Just have to be willing to lose 1 for 1. I think the game is more balanced now then it has been in the past


Are you kidding me? There’s pretty much no defense against them anymore now that they killed Superiority Strike. If you aren’t immune, and aren’t willing to switch out, the best you can really hope for is a mutual knockout. I agree that bleeders definitely have their place in the game, but effectively removing the only way a tank (or any other non-immune for that matter) can defend against them pretty much by definition makes them overpowered. Like I said, ideally, the meta should encourage a balanced team, not one composed 60-70% of one particular type of creature.

This Is the best meta the game ever had, and bleed has counters you know, like cleanse and immunity.


Recently fought a team with both Sucho n spinoraptor haha.
Just realised paramoloc might come in handy with bleeder team, with its swapping out move + 2xdamage.
Still takes some damage, but it has a high health bar as buffer (mine is lvl19 abt 3400+ health)

So why not just take the mutual take down and get rid of the problem? This is the best strategy

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The swappers are best against bleeders


I wish In had more coins,to invest in the swappers and swap-in bleeder. =D

I guess so, but it isn’t exactly satisfying. I don’t hate the current meta, but I do definitely think it favours immune and bleeders more than anything else.

And evaders, two of which are immune. And tragod is still a god. I hate that thing.

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Whenever I go against a bleeder. If I don’t have a swapping dino in I usually just go for the kill. At least cut the head off the snake you know. I currently only have 1 immune on my team and 3 swapping Dino’s. The swappers are the new meta imo

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Yeah, I do rather like the buff they gave Trago in terms of attack and HP. Both kinda sucked before.

Which are your 3 swapping dinos?

Dilo utari and tuora

Yes, what can be swap in to counter bleeder???
I think we will see many start with either bleeder or immune from now.
One wish for a certain kill and the other anticipating a bleeder coming.

I myself love using Spinotasuchus, but very rarely see it or any other bleeders in my arena matches.

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Here we go again! Was wondering when people would start complaining about bleeders…