Bleeders not good anymore Thylacotator so overrated

People stop overrating thylo because it is not high apex worthy

Thylo actually pretty bad

I can kill them with very easily

I don’t know how it’s high apex tier

It gets countered too easily

It’s in my opinion low alpha hybrid

Thyla isn’t mainly a bleeder. He’s more utility based.
Swap in distract.
Used to have 4500 HP
40% crti chance
Lethal Wound
Superiority Strike
Rending takedown
Deliberate Prowl (which would increase it’s already high crit chance by 50%)

if the creature it’s fighting against isn’t immune to Bleed, thyla takes it out in 2 hits. Otherwise, it can have a 90% chance to crit and do 90% of its opponent’s HP at turn 2. That in itself is a really powerful combo.

It’s still more utility based. All in how the player uses it. Best brought in on say a thor or a tryko about to do a rampage to distract then bleed it. Yeah Thyla will probably die, but if it got to bleed the opponent and either get them down to set up range, kill them, or get them to swap out, then it did its job. It’s not meant to be continuously swapped in. One time then take the opponent out with it.

Also, the tier list is going to be updated for this new patch. We’ll have to wait and see what the results are considering there’s another immune to bleed and distract superhybrid and thyla lost a decent chunk of hp.


How do you kill thylaco OP? With an immune sauropod😂

with some dodge luck, you’re still going to do a big chunk to maxima. Gemini… not so much unless you can predict the ID and get a DP off again.

You know what bleeder isn’t overrated?
That thing is amazing

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He was nerfed probably because he’s only an epic hybrid and I’m okay with that. But why Procerat wasn’t nerfed then? He needs a nerf more than anything else


No thats bs it gets countered too easily almost all dinosaurs and hybrids in the game will kill it

It beats tryko. Only matchup that changed is against thor, which it almost always lost anyways

Thyla definitely got nerfed, but calling it straight up useless is as bad as calling gemini or moth balanced

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Yeah it looses a lot of 1v1s. But the tier list isn’t always about 1v1s otherwise dracocera would never have been tyrant tier. It may loose a fight, but it will do massive damage before it dies, allowing you to set up your next creature.

Gemini, Entelemoth, Maxima, Mammolania, Mammotherium will kill it because they are immune to bleed
Indoraptor gen 2 will 2 shot it
Erlidominus will 2 shot it
Phorusaura and Procerathomimus will kill it
Magna will kill it
Quetzorion can 2 shot it
Indoraptor will cleanse the bleed and kill it
Thoradolosaur and allosino will kill it

Thylo is actually pretty garbage its nowhere near high apex or tyrant its more like low alpha

Duh… I mean, half those things are broken and another half are immune or can cleanse. Your point?


And you seem to be ignoring our other points

If thylo is so good then why does it die so easily

You seem to be missing the point of thyla.
It is not a single fighter. It is not meant to take the field and go toe to toe with another creature.
Ii’s utility based and can be used in a variety of situations allowing it flexibility. It is a set up creature. It is meant to set up your next creature in the match by doing massive damage. It doesn’t matter if it get’s killed fighting as long as it does its job of setting up your next creature.

And again. The Tier List is not based solely off 1v1s. It takes team synergy into account. And Thyla as great team synergy.


We explained it

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I have a slightly boosted Thyla. After the nerf, I don‘t use it anymore for PVP Battles. Having said that, I still use it for strikes.

My Thyla is level 24.

Without boost Thyla is OK. The best thing you can swap in on a rampaging Tryko.

Wih max HP boost it’s a monster against any HP freak. Thyla profits big time from boost, as it only needs HP.

Look at the top of the leaderboard. Those player know what they do.

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