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Bleeders poll

True but some just don’t have the best plans to work with like dimodac, spinotah, stygi.

All of them could have a reasonable solution, we just have to think a bit, just looking at their parents there’s a lot of possibilities.
For Daryx It could go like this:

4500 HP
1100 damage
128 speed
0% armor
5% crit

Resilient strike
Cleansing lethal swoop ( combining lethal swoop with the cleansing of cleansing swoop, It has no delay)
Wounding rampage( 2x damage, DoT 0.15x of target’s max HP for 2 turns, delay 0, cooldown 2)
Instant invincibility

Swap in invincibility

No escape

100% bleed resistance
100% swap prevention resistance

Lol where does it get the rampage but ya that might be also a bit much

Does It really matter? :rofl: the parents don’t even have the same moves as Daryx anyway
I just wanted to use this unnused move, i think It would fit Daryx and make It a bit more offensive while still going all bleed. Why would it be much? It’d do exactly what It needs to do, i doubt It would be OP with this rework.

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Vexus was the best for me. Not the best at bleeding, but the best creature with bleeding. Extremely versatile, very powerful…

…before the nerf in 2.2. It really seems to worsen Vexus a lot. Like c’mon, 1000 attack!? Whyy?


Someone voted for thylaco as the worst bleeder, lol.

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In my opinion I think that Spinotahsuchus is actually one of the best with lethal wound and minor swoop

It also has no escape and critical impact and being immune to swap prevention is good. It’s also fast

Although one thing I see ludia doing is adding no escape to every bleeder and while its good it’s also kinda bad right since the only way to usually save a Dino from bleed is to swap like imagine if they have given thyla no escape same with suchotator

Well i don’t think it’s necessary for all of them to have no escape. The snake has an on escape ability, close enough. Thyla doesn’t need it, it’s fine as is. There’s a case to be made about most pterosaur bleeders and spino hybrids to have It tho
More than that, I’d prefer If most bleeders were given decel immunity