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Bleeders took a sneaky little nerf


Just a little FYI if you haven’t noticed yet, but lethal wound had it’s cool down increased to 2 turns as of 20 minutes ago.

Lethal Wound Nerf
Bleed Meta?!?!

all this while cool down 1?


Swoop used to be DoT .2x for 2 turns… now it’s 3. But that is interesting on the Lethal Wound.


Did they change swoop today? or just lethal wound.


I think its always said that, just not behaved that way.

Can anyone confirm if it actually has a 2 turn cd?


Hasn’t it been displayed that way and just been a bug that it only takes 1 turn to cool down?

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It has one but the text has always read two turns. Nothing has changed to my knowledge.

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Yep, the old cooldown was only 1 turn.


Swoop was always 3 turns I believe.


Was pretty sure it’s always said 1 turn. It is 2 turns in game now though for sure.

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Its said 2 for as long as I can remember. There was a post about it in the bug forums a few months back.


This isn’t a new thing - for the past week at the very least it has said 2 turns cooldown and behaved that way.


I have been chaining lethal wound and instant distraction with Suchotator since both are on a one turn cooldown until this morning, but maybe I just didn’t notice the text change until this morning?


Either way, it’s definitely changed in game:


Thats what I was after. Thats a rather large change, actually. At least for the way I play spino.



Agreed, it makes taking out Indoraptor quite a bit harder.

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It’s a huge change for sure. It is 100% a nerf.


I noticed this too. I remember Suchotator being able to alternate Bleed and Instant Distraction and it was really annoying to deal with. Lethal Wound is definitely a 2 turn delay now and that definitely changes things.


Excellent, now we can swap out against bleeders and not get insta-bled on the next move! That’s good balancing if you ask me.


I agree! Definitely going to change the game play a bit.