Bleeding against Distraction

I have a question about Bleeding. Bleeding takes damage based on the health of the enemy. If I use Bleeding with Spinotasuchus but the enemy uses Distracting impact. Is the 0,33 porcent of damage I should do for 3 turns affected by the Distraction?

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Since it’s based on the health of enemy, it won’t be affected by damage debuff

Thank you, I thought so but just in case. Im thinking about using Bleeding Dinosaurs to beat the Epic strike on Saturday

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Before it was based on atk of the dino, now it’s not :wink: nice to have a bleeder for the epic strike except immune one :blush:

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The damage over time will not be affected but the damage from your initial attack will be.

Cleansing no longer removes bleed either! :dizzy_face:

Screenshot_20181122-222416_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20181122-222424_JW%20Alive
Who says bleed…?

The upcoming bleeder star in the arena. 128 speed… :cold_sweat:
Let’s level it up to L30…:sweat_smile:

Swap in Wound followed by Gashing Wound.
Talk about making an entrance! :open_mouth:

Well Suchomimus has that as well. But is slower. Dimorphodon has no health and almost no damage