Bleeding team vs strike event tower

Very fun event!

Is there an alternative to a lvl 26 Suchotator? :slight_smile:

Mine is only level 21 and I don’t think he will last the same way

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:grinning: Then just put in another lv 20ish dino in place of delta. I’m testing if I can do the same to tomorrow’s epic event.

Could I win with a level 21 Suchotator, level 12 Dimodactylus, lvl 14 drac gen 2, and a level 18 indominus rex?

if your I rex can kill one of their rex, then for sure. Suchotator can take any one of those 3 with ease.

I’m worried and need to over think this. Most of my team is around 16-19

For me, tenoto comes first, then the gator, finally tyrannolophasaur.

  • You can try use you suchotator take out the tenotorex, then bleed the gator.
  • Lv 10 dimophordon can actually take a hit from the gator without dying. You can swap it in to the gator for a turn of bleed if you don’t have anything better on your team.
  • Finally you can cloak rampage the tyrannolophasaur if you don’t have other counters. Just note that tyrannolophasaur is faster than I Rex, it has null strike but it probably won’t use its basic strike if it’s your first attempt.

Hope this helps. :grinning: