Can someone explain to me how dot works?
Does a lvl 1 spinotasuchus causes the same bleeding dmg than a lvl 15?

Other than the initial 1x atk dmg, this is correct. I see what you’re saying, and the majority of the attacks effect is still the same. The HP would be much less so you may not get a hit in besides the SIA depending on speed.

Alright thanks for clarifing.
I wanted to know if with the new meta i had to overlevel my spinotasuchus, but i can see that thats not neccesary

Great isn’t it…?
Let’s put 8 bleeders in the team…:wink:

I misunderstood but yeah you got my point. When you said Lvl 1 my mind went to suchomimus. I don’t have even have one of those since Kapro likes to come out when I can’t :unamused:

I sure hope so, my immunty team is already getting warmed up.


Haha n the table would turn if you encounter a team of 8 immunes.
Though I’m not sure if there are enough immune dinos to fill up the 8 slots.

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Lol it was a bit confusing cause there cant be a lvl 1 spinotasuchus but i wanted to make it clear
That sucks man, i see 5 kapros per day and always dart them so i have like 10 k or More. I would trade you some dna if i could

If only there was a way :thinking:

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Alliances will allow trading/transferring common and rare dna so seems you have your wish.


You have some tenonto dna that we could trade maybe? :rofl:

Is it possible having 8 bleeders? I can name 6 only.
Spinosaurus, Spinosaurus G2, Spinotahraptor, Spinotasuchus, Suchomimus, Suchotator
Pyroraptor is going not to be a bleeder.
Am I missing something?

I think one of the new flying will have dot also

Continuing the discussion from Bleeding:
Yes, you are right. I forgot the flyers.

Yep, I’ve got some but want to see how trading works and figure out what I want to work towards creating before I start thinking trades.

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Also Sarcosuchus is bleeder. A rather weak one but using lockdown it can quickly stack on the damage.