Bleeds Cannot Be Cleansed - Logical Suggestion

Hi All,

It’s time to make bleeds relevant in a world of cleanses and immunities, and here’s why.

Logical Cleansing Scenario
If I intimidate you and reduce your ability to fight from fear (aka, reduced damage), you can overcome your fear and fight back at full potential.

Illogical Cleaning Scenario
If I rip a 5 foot gash in your side and you begin to bleed at am alarming rate, you’re not going to regenerate and heal your gushing wound because you attack me back.

This isn’t Godzilla World Alive, this is Dinosaurs. Nearly 90% of all dinosaurs either come with a cleanse ability or are immune. Bleeders are worthless, but have so much potential against the tank meta.

Hope to hear from the community!


It’s called balance not logic.


Same difference, no? If 3/4 of the populated dinos can counter with an ability, a passive, or an attack, that’s not balanced.

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And it’s about to be 1/4 of the usable roster.

And it is balanced what you’re asking for is bleeders to be the counter to literally everything.

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Counter to everything? Where is that applied? Bleeds are meant to counter high health opponents. Most of medium to small health opponents have immune or can dodge AND now we have Swap-In effects to remove bleeds with benefits of swapping.

So… define “everything.”

You don’t want immune dino’s to be immune to it, you don’t want it to be cleanseable and if it was like that a level 1 suchomimus could kill literally anything.


Don’t affects, like bleed, still take effect even with dodge?

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I feel there are too many dinosaurs with stun and 100% shield/invulnerable abilities. Should they be nerfed too?

and why do the dinos attack in a turn based order? why cant velociraptors attack as a group? how can a dino nullify a dinos camouflage? how do the dinos attack our opponents dinos but not us? why cant flying dinos always fly and only get down to attack? also how does leveling dinos up work? we feed our dino with some of their species dna covered in gold coins and wham the dino is stronger? what is a shield anyway in the dino world? how does our dinos magically fully heal after dying in a battle?..
this is a game friend. games are not logical. in gta you can walk just past an poilce officer with a bazooka in your most shooter games you can pick up and use ammos of fallen enemies which obv cant be true since weapons have different bullets? do not look for that much sense in a game. it is a game. most things are illogical


Draco, are you even reading what I am typing? I think you’re adding in words that do not exist.

I never said anything about Immunity not being effected. Immune creatures are still immune to bleeding. So where you got that, I have no idea.

My post is about cleansing.

I feel like if you dodge a bleed move, the DoT should not take effect as well. It’s illogical. If you dodge the attack, they couldn’t have inflicted the wound to bleed you out.

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Just nerf every dino and we can all be the same.the game will die on its bum but at least some will happy

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isn’t that the purpose of the superiority strike change? I mean, that’s essentially what it does. It takes away the possibility for 80% of dinos with a cleansing move to get rid of it, and allows for only those with cleansing strike/impact/etc to do so – which IMO makes sense.

Or at least, it makes as much sense as “Oh look, i swapped dinos and suddenly my swapped dino is not bleeding anymore!!!”


Think of it this way.

You could have used a more damaging 1.5x or 2.0x attack move but instead had to put a bandage on your wound while simultaneously using a less powerful 1.0x attack.

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Well then at this rate, bleed just needs to be removed. It’s trash with the current state of the game. I am just trying to make everything relevant in some way.

Things get very boring and repetitive when you see the same, dinos EVERY match because people HAVE to use them to stand a chance. That’s not fun. That’s blindly following the leader. The experimentation phase of this game is gone. People cried that raptors broke the game, so Ludia looked at that aspect ONLY when looking into the Superiority Strike. Bleeding was not even a thought process when Superiority Strike was added.

You, of all people, who constantly write “how to counter” articles should know that things need to change. When you have to tell people step-by-step how to compete with a meta team just so they have a chance, there’s a problem. People should be able to use any combo of dinosaur without any mechanical reason not to. Right now, bleeders are the very definition of “don’'t use.”


Yup, you’re right. After you use your 1.0 attack, THEN you use your smasher attack because you are now faster. This a single attack negated one affect and gave you a major advantage in return.

What do you mean bleeds just need to be removed? Balance requires that every dinosaur has moves that can be countered. Currently, too many dinosaurs have superiority strike and can counter bleeds. If superiority strike changes, there will be like 3 dinosaurs that can cleanse a bleed (if the move is not up) and like 10 immune dinosaurs, versus like 26 dinos that can cleanse/slow/remove bleeds.

Changing SS DOES help a ton to fix bleeds. No tanks can cleanse. That’d make it so all tanks have a viable 3 turn counter (any bleeder).

I feel like I’m agreeing with you and you’re disagreeing with my agreement. Changing SS fixes bleeders so that they always counter tanks, while leaving a select few counters for bleeders (immune dinos and the 2 or 3 with cleansing impact).

Bleeders are still effective now, just need to be used properly. But this change to SS will improve them a lot in the meta.


Oh. Maybe I misread your prior statement. My apologies!!

Yes, I am in full agreement that SS needs a change. It either needs to have the cleanse OR have the speed reduction. Not both. A basic ability has more benefit than most cool-down abilities. Having speed will counter raptors, but not bleeders. Having cleanse will counter debuffs, but not speed. No ability should ever counter both.


The point was always raptors, so the change would be to have SS only cleanse a distraction, (like from a raptor pounce) but nothing else, and still slow the opponent by 33%. This means all the speed changes – where a higher level Stegodeus has less advantage against a lower level stegodeus, also would change because SS wouldn’t cleanse a slowing effect either.

So slowing dinosaurs would also gain a little value now that their slowing moves can’t just be cleansed every turn.