Blocked Chat?!

Just tried to respond to an alliance member and it blocked my message… Any idea why?!

Chat filter is busted. Tried to explain how donating worked no profanity or anything and was also blocked.

First time I ran into it, I’ve heard of them blocking words like Facebook or discord, but it’s just messed up.

I had one blocked earlier because I mentioned Twitter, thought that was odd being it is advertised on their community rules page.

I tried to post “I moved up a spot” and it filtered it. It also tries to catch naughty innuendos and phrases.

thats a valid block - you are clearly soliciting alliance members for a ménage à trois.



I have comments just not appear. Repeatedly. Ludia do need to relax on the filters and such.

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:joy::joy::joy: You caught me!

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Very very bad chat in jwa :smiley:

I’m dying :laughing:

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