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Blocked in combat in dungeon challenge of the anvil of dunotheim

I’m blocked in boss challenge in room 6 he attacked but did strangely no damage and the game blocked

again it blocks on right (seeing the screen but on monster left) venom blow attack

please it is late in italy i have to go to sleep becuase tomorrow i should work can you solve it soon? or I have to lose this run in dungeon? I have already lost 2 due to problem in loading uff

wow i got past i move all my heroes it had problem in targetting saravin in the angle i think it says target not there or something like this then blocked for 2 times

I’m sorry to hear that, Fabrizio_d_Ottavio. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team at with your support key? It’d give our team a chance to try and make this right for you, as well as taking a closer look at this.


I just saw this. I reported a more detailed report in the bugs section.