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Blood effects

Blood effect suddenly disappeared in my battles. Its only me?


Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, they are ketchup anyway. No dinos hurt during the battles, it is all an act. Bad acting, but still…


Hoşbulduk :D. İngilizce dışı dil kullanmak kural dışı değil umarım? Efektler güzel görünüyordu bence. Sormadan kaldırmaları saçma olmuş.

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Lol so true… they simply attack the camera :camera:.

Translated From Turkish:

Welcome :D. I hope it’s not illegal to use non-English language? I think the effects looked good. It was ridiculous that they removed them without asking.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.


I couldn’t find anything about blood effects in settings.

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Welcome to the forum @Ahmet_Civan_Aydin1. You might be thinking of JWA

No :D. I’m talking about Jurassic World: The Game. Blood effects in the PvP and event battles suddenly disappeared.

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There are similar bugs happening from time to time, so it may come back normal without you do anythig. I haven’t been giving attention to that I’ve got to admit. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: All I care about is shinier colors and brighter stats. :money_mouth_face: