Bloody by nature are recruiting!

Hello all you dino lovers ;).

BloodyByNature currently have 2 spots open.

We offer 7/8 weekly rewards,

Tier 8/9 tournament rewards depending on 4/5 weeks.

2/3 COOP sanctuaries

Our own dedicated creature sanctuary, voted for by members.

Inter alliance championship, professionally ran and with real prizes

Our own discord server with a vast amount of information and resources.

Help with ALL apex raids

PvP and tournament advice,

International admin team, meaning round the clock raids and help.

All of the memes.

We only have 3 rules;

•Join our discord server
•Get your 10 takedown on the weekend
•Do not place in COOP or unique sancs

Oh… 4 rules…

Please get at me on discord WhittakerxX#1129 for more information :slight_smile: