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Bloody impossible beating dinos with just commons

Just give us one bloody tourney with just commons . I have played for three days lost over 300 trophies and won just 10 battles with a team of commons as up against rares and impossible not happy


Then why wouldn’t you use Rares if you are losing to them?

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I think their talking about the weakest winners achievement

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Just do what I did this weekend.
I dropped down to trophy 2550 and fought with a basic common team until I won 35 battles and then put on my Apex/Unique team and enjoyed the ride all the way back up to trophy 5130.

Ohhh okay. Then my suggestion is @Helen_Laurent1 for weakest winners achievement then is to wait till the rare advantage tourney. Then drop a lot. Your commons will probably be a lot better than the lowest players rares.

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Some players of my alliance have done it on Friday already. Far from impossible.

Yes not impossible if you spend loads of money to get high level commons