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Bloqueado en el juego por tramposo/Locked in game by cheat

buenas tardes:

antes de nada, saludaros a todos, espero que se me pueda resolver el problema que tengo con el juego.
Soy jugador nivel 20, y con varios dinosaurios al nivel 30. En marzo del 2018, me pusieron en el juego como tramposo por hacer trampas, pero lo que paso es que estuve de viaje. Como sabéis este juego se puede tener en varios dispositivos con la misma cuenta, pues mientras yo jugaba en el viaje, mi hijo entro en el juego con otro dispositivo desde mi residencia habitual, y ahi fue cuando el GPS tuvo un error.
ya he enviado varios email al soporte tecnico de ludia, pero no me lo solucionan. Es un error del juego y por eso no debo de pagar yo por eso. Esto juego ha tenido varios errores y no pasa nada se solucionan y ya esta.
Solo pido que me quiten de la cuenta de tramposo ya que no lo soy.
porque no dejan a mis compañeros de alianza ver minnivel de PVP que tengo ni en los torneos semanales me dan el premio, solo el premio minimo.
espero que recapaciten y me arreglen el problema.

Translated From Spanish

good afternoon:

First of all, greet everyone, I hope that the problem I have with the game can be solved.
I am a level 20 player, and with several dinosaurs at level 30. In March 2018, I was put in the game as a cheat for cheating, but what happened is that I was on the road. As you know this game can be had on several devices with the same account, because while I was playing on the trip, my son entered the game with another device from my usual residence, and that’s when the GPS had an error.
I have already sent several emails to the technical support of ludia, but they do not solve it. It’s a game mistake and that’s why I shouldn’t pay for it. This game has had several errors and nothing happens they are solved and that’s it.
I only ask to be removed from the cheat account since I am not.
because they do not let my alliance partners see the minimum level of PVP that I have, nor in the weekly tournaments they give me the prize, only the minimum prize.
I hope they reconsider and fix the problem for me.

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My wife has logged on to her game by accident several times while at work and I’m hunting strikes for her. I get an error saying someone else logged on to the account, I park the car, call her and tell her to get off her account, she apologises profusely, I log back on and continue playing.
They know what the error code means and you dont get banned for it.