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Blossom Fest Event - What Will You Be Darting?

What will you be darting this week? Be sure to write it in the comments!

I’ll probably be darting Tuojango, Bracio, and Utarinex.


I can’t choose between the rares I need them all lol probably gonna go more tenonto tho the rest spawns pretty often

Wow! The whole month of April was legendary’s and uniques! :star_struck:

Anyway, I didn’t know that ALL the uniques were here!

So, I’m going for Triceratops Gen2, all of the rares, Brachiosaurus and Uthanix!


Common: options aren’t awesome but more para can’t hurt

Rare:i need em all, meiolania i honestly feel like spawns more then touji(idk they’re both global anytime), then touji i need more then anything but i realy can’t give up on a such a good execlusive compared to a good global, so tenonto pls

Epic: brachi and not the lord himself can tell me otherwise

Unique: i mean i need that 50 more to unlock rinex, but i also realy need maxima for raids(lanias pretty easy can pass on that), will see on this one

(Also why did they run a poll on uniques if they slaped em all in, u know what who cares i just want more options)

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oof. 1 attempt on the uiques. i may go lania tbh. that or rinex.

Commons - Any
Rares - Tenonto all the way
Epics - Anky all the way
Uniques - Either Max or Lania as my RInex is 30 already.

Imo this week is trash. It will be awesome if there will be raja or kentro. But now trash.

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Cant believe you all, where are my flipping diplodocus attempts???

Main: tenonto, brachi (only cuz its exclusive), mammolania
Alt: mayonnaise, anky, rinex

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Scolo and MiraGaia for commons, tenonto Saugus for rares, anky for epics, and finally, for uniques, it’s a hard choice but I think that I’ll try to dart Rhinex

Kind of disappointed.

I’m going only for anky and rinex

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Yoooo this week is amazing!!!

Commons are meh. I have thousands of all of them.

Rares are just so HARD to decide! One on hand - MORE TUOJIANGO DNA! On the other hand - MORE TENONTO DNA! I need them booooth waaaaaah :sob::skull_and_crossbones:
Knowing myself, I just might end up hunting for all the Tuojiango and Tenonto, not really caring for ratios. Sorry Meiolania :turtle:

Epics are easy. Ankylosarus. All for Tryko.

Uniques is easy. Mammolania. I have no progress on the unlocking of Mammolania, and this is my chance to give myself the leg up with fusions. But I already know this is going to be the hardest thing to ever dart. I can already feel the pain :sob::skull_and_crossbones::cry:

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Tenonto, brachio, Maxima. I’m excited for these three.

Rares: Tuo and Tenonto
Epics: Anky
Unique: Utarinex

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Ughh I can’t decide between brach and any… would be one thing if we had 9 attempts… but only 6 this time. Anky is a must for getting tryko (hard without kentro though hehe), but brach is exclusive… might just go:

Tuojinagosaurus and Tenontosaurus are the only ones I need this week.

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Ok, so commons idk anything I come across, rares tuoji and tenonto, epics prob brachi and a few anky, and uniques… maybe maxima? idk yet

I’m gonna have my Max this week :grin:

Mammolania will be super hard to dart :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Commons: Whatever I find
Rares: Tuoji and Tenonto
Epics: Anky for for dio

Commons I don’t have really a interest in any, the rare I will be going for toujigo and tento, the epics I will be going for brachiosaurus and the uniques I will got for ardentis (utarinx is my highest lvl creature and mammo I don’t have much interest rn for)