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Blow a kiss feature


Is this feature working? I have the option for Rory and Blake (they are both greyed out and if you click on them it says offline, will be away for some time) but when I click on the blow a kiss option nothing happens…

Has anyone encountered the same issue?



Same for me! I didn’t click the option but it’s there

It’s so random, also all of the blow a kiss options I have do not show any value… So I am thinking that it might be a bug??

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For sure. If they’re offline for a while how can you blow them a kiss?

I don’t have this option for anyone. Ever. Do you have to have a VIP account to use it? Also it doesn’t show me how long ago the characters was last seen like on this screenshot. What gives? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey everyone, this has been reported to our team and they’re currently investigating the issue to have this fixed ASAP!

Thank you for your patience.

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I’m sorry. I really want to believe what you say is true and this problem will be fixed soon but … Today I got the proof that I can’t really trust those words. Because there’s a problem your team has still not been able to fix a that I saw was promised to fix months ago in this forum. And not to only one person but several. And still no fixing has been done.

I still get the ‘Watch out! this person is going to unmatch you soon’ even though they have been gray for a long time without returning even for a second. And now I get them even more often than ever! Yesterday it was Aesha and Ruby, today was William, a few days ago it was Adam.

So even though I want to believe you, I won’t hold my breath.

Honestly this game had such a potential when it first game out but now it’s nothing but disappointment. You guys only think about how to take as much money as you can by increasing gems and you ignore what people tell you even after that survey you did.

I’m done.

Good bye! And thanks for nothing.


Hi, the blow a kiss feature is open to everyone, but how it is assigned is anyone’s guess. When some people were getting it, I got nothing… Now it seems that there is a bug… Meh, more problems than solutions

I can’t use this new “Blow a kiss”, my game just gives a connection problem and I go back to the loading screen, this is repeated every time I click on the option “Blow a kiss”. And … Will we have to pay 120 diamonds whenever they are away? Calum didn’t text me after this option appeared

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I am so frustrated with this game. It truly has the potential to be amazing. But they just keep screwing us - first its the ridiculously long periods of time for characters to come back, then the whole thing with Austin(which I am still reeling from tbh) then there is the constant bugs, the VIP membership that lets face it the only upside is the amount of diamonds we get, the constant increase in the diamond pay out and the last straw now we have to pay to blow a kiss!?! Come on Ludia, you really are making it seem like all you are after is money. If this keeps up I am gonna delete cause I simply can’t afford to play this, and who wants to play when we can’t have the responses we want!?!

I really hate complaining but how else can we express how frustrated this game is making us?


If it’s going to cost me 120 gems to blow a kiss to someone I think I would rather blow a raspberry at me phone… at least I can do that for free!!

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Nah I am not paying for any blow a kiss feature, if I can wait six months for Rory to comeback, I can wait for the convo to start normally.

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I’m getting network errors every time I try to use it as well

:disappointed: :angry:

Great! Because I’ve had the option to ‘blow kiss’ just to select the character and not have the option to actually do so but it’s not a consistent error

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There seems to be a glitch with it

Issues with this feature?
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