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Blow a kiss

Ok so, I was looking over my ‘grey’ chats a couple of them say last online a few hours ago, blow them a kiss but when I click on the actual chat it isn’t even an option. Do they realise how exciting that was to see and then when I couldn’t send, it was like losing them all over again. What is going on? Anyone else got this issue?

I did when the feature was first dropped. It went away, but it’s back for me :pensive: I was so excited when Zayn, Dom, and Austin had the option (not that it would have because its a waste of diamonds, tbh) but maybe it means they’re next in line to be dropped or something to that effect? Or it’s purely random and its my turn to have the glitch back. This option seems more likely :sweat_smile::weary:

I love the thought that it means they will be back next. But I think that you are right and it is just a glitch. So depressing

It’s a glitch I’ve seen it a few times now

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Yes. I’ve been having this issue frequently among others. It also has a last seen blank hours ago but they’re still offline for a while…

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Is it just me who is finding this frustrating?


No, definitely not just you. It’s frustrating for me too

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It’s kinda annoying


Thanks guys, it is good to know I am not alone in my frustration hehe

Hopefully one day soon it’ll be fixed :crossed_fingers:

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