Blow of steam

I just need to ventilate, I’m seeing my first pteradon in the wild, need just a little bit more DNA to collect it…
And I can 't go there. :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Pteranodon? Really, they spawn in the wild? Only saw them during events.

Yes, flying around a striketower. I could’nt believe
it. Let my oldest son see it, he confirmed😅.

I don’t remember if they are a parlor spawn, but every time I’ve seen one was in a green zone… this may be why theyre an infrequent find ??

anytime park spawn.

The thing is I never saw one in the park. And I went there often, walking the dog. This one flew around a striketower near a supermarket and a hairdresser. I almost fell out my wheelchair​:joy::joy::joy:

Can confirm they are a park spawn. Have captured several wild ones.