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Blow them a kiss


I just came back after almost a year not playing, and I’m already addicted lol. But I’ve got a problem; there’s really not a lot of gems to gain for free, and I need to be reallyyyyy picky about the ways I want to spend them.

And your blow them a kiss just cost me more than half my gems…
Can you add a confirm button please ? I didnt want to use them and I’m sooooo mad because they’re so precious.

(Also, you need to find a way to give people more gems for free. It’s been 2 days since I’m back and I’m starting to think about given up, cause I need to say not almost every time. )

Hi there, @Julie, we recently doubled the number of gems that you can get from watching ads but we’ll be sure to let the team know that you’d like to be able to obtain more.
We’ll also pass along your recommendation for adding a confirmation button to the “Blow Kiss” feature.

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