Blu Bullseye Is HARD to hit


I’m patient and pretty good at waiting for the perfect first shot however I have yet to get a perfect Blu first dart even when I am on the white circle. Has anyone else had this issue or do I need glasses?


Do I need glasses :joy::joy: I have no idea I’m going for pyro for pyrirritaror but good luck I’ve used two chances and in the second it escaped quicker than the flash.


I used 1 attempt to finish blue since last time she was around i was like level 2 :joy: im doing all pyro now and luckily averaging about 100-120+


I find certain dinosaurs really hard to bullseye on the first shot because of how they move. Spinosaurus (rare and epic) are one bunch because of their wiggly hips, monolophasaurus because of the twisty head, etc. Sometimes it’s just a wash. :confused:


That sounds like dirty dancing! Wiggling hips and twisty heads! Dino dirty dancing! :joy::joy::joy:


I did a few terrible attempts followed by a few really good ones.

I think it’s just a Dino we’re not used to getting.


You gotta think like an animal. Feel like an animal. Then you can anticipate their movements. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


With any raptors, you have aim in front of the bulleye and have good prediction of their movements. The worst is when the target is on their tail.