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Blue 8h incubator?!


Since when was this a thing…


It’s not lol, what a weird glitch. Let’s hope you receive the value of an 8hr incubator lol instead of a 3 hr one


I used cash to open it now, was far too impatient to wait and indeed it was 8hr… very strange.


Oh that’s good then :joy:…weird glitch but I’m glad it was an 8hr reward


What did you get? Lol i end up wasting my cash sometimes in excitement to…


I got a 24hr one yesterday morning and left it for the full 24 hrs, checked it about 900 times as if time is going to change and in the end it wasn’t all that great :expressionless:

This one the only decent dna I got was ankylosaurus. I am forever getting stygmioloch gen 2


Lol stigy… It is cute but not that good for me. Good luck with the next incubator…