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Blue And Smilodon Trying To Kill Tryko


You are super unlucky dude, I have never seen a tryko in ss.arcadia

Welcome to the new arena :smiley:

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Given that this layer hasn’t even levelled TRex to 20 yet and has a Tryko, one can only assume that this player darted Tryko for 250 during the special event recently.

That’s some amazing darting given they would have been maximum level 9, so how much per direct hit would that be? And how many darts would it take?

He could buy horn incubators and got tryko yesterday

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That’s a good point @Ozora_Nadhif, I never buy those so wouldn’t know what was in them!

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Or super lucky who invested his coins in tryko

Whelp that’s unfortunate. Theres not gonna be fair matching when that player needs to move up because they now have a unique. And unfortunatley, theres gonna be a lot of yo-yoing for that player if they keep tryko on the team.

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14 darts at level 9 to unlock, plus they may have sunk a little cash into horns inc and got lucky, either way big oof all around



@Moksha what Alliance do you belong to?

I’ve seen a guy with Thor in the badlands AND THE TARBO THAT WAS ON HIS TEAM WAS 16 AND HE HAD NO ALLOSINO IN SIGHT! You may argue that he might have been darting ones in events for a l o n g time but if that was true, he should have more uniques and AT LEAST A HIGHER LEVEL THORA!

Are you aware that a few weeks back when thor was on the weekly calendar there was an incubator in the store to buy thor dna? They could of just done that plus darting thor on the Sunday…

I can smell a dropper already :eyes:

Or a dude that buys incubators

Prob bought the thor incubator that was in the shop a couple weeks ago that was bound to cause havoc like this