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Blue bar that doesn't budge


Trying to start an arena battle for the umpteenth time since the update this afternoon, and I keep getting THIS.

The blue bar appears, and stops halfway, not budging a bit, until the match times out on me. I wait a few seconds, try to restart the match, but keep getting the same screen.


You need to shake your phone for it to move.


Maybe try cloding the app, force stopping it, and reopen it? Either that or the Badlands are living up to the name.


Fixed it. I had to reconnect to Wi-Fi and disconnect again. I have to end up doing that every time there’s a game update.


damnit, was hoping you would have said you tried shaking your phone :’(


Nah. I’m not dropping this thing. It’s a Galaxy J3.


whisper don’t drop it, throw it full force into the ground!

flex iPhone 10 punch the air zoolander face pose